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A company’s success hinges on the ability to close more deals. Businesses spent a lot of time building rapport and professional relationship with prospects. After you have put so many efforts into educating them on your services and products. Now it’s the right time to bring it all home.

There is a quick question I want to ask before getting started. How skilled are you at storytelling and persuading? Having good storytellers and effective persuaders in your team is the secret-sauce skill that will help you bring more business and close deals faster.

Closing deals faster is the dream of every business- no matter which industry they are operating in. Selling anything to the prospects (products or services) can be a fine line to walk as you need to find the perfect way to convince them without being annoying.

You should have a solid strategy of marketing that aligns with the sales objectives to reduce the sales cycle. Below are the top 5 strategies to master the art of closing deals.

Prioritize the potential and qualifying leads

The key to success in an opportunity-rich and overflowing sales environment is rigorous prioritization. Undergo an active experience with your customers and get to know about their needs. Filter the pool of prospects according to the collected information.

Most of the organizations send endless proposals to anyone who asks rather than focussing on the top hot leads who can bring in huge business. Hence, the better you qualify and prioritize your potential leads, the more likely it is to close deals faster.

Get in touch with the decision-maker

No matter what your industry is, knowing who is the decision-maker and getting in touch with them directly is crucial for a quick close. Most of the time the decision-maker doesn’t get in touch with you directly and sends someone else into the fire to collect all the information. In such cases, ensure to put yourself into the shoe of the decision-maker and customize your sales pitch accordingly. Do whatever it takes to have a meeting with the concerned person and get closer to win the lead.

Respond to the queries at earliest

You need to answer the queries of your prospects whenever they get back to you. When you are busy with other tasks, don’t let an email from the prospect go unanswered for hours or days. Take out 15 seconds to acknowledge their email or query and let them know that you will answer their query soon.

Follow-up regularly and effectively

The follow-up strategy plays a pivotal role in winning the lead. You should ask your prospects after an appropriate time about the pending deal. If they haven’t made any decision yet, then ask them that when you should get back to them. Neither you should annoy your prospects nor let them go to their competitors. Osmos follow-up methods are quite efficient and makes it handy to deal with various prospects at a time.

Create a sense of urgency

It is better to attach a deadline or mention incentive benefits to create a sense of urgency for making a decision quickly. Make them feel like they have the authority and upper hand whether it’s a discount, a deal, or something free.  It doesn’t mean that rush the prospects or pressurizes them. Simply try to give them an extra reason and some alluring benefit while mentioning how your product or service can be their best choice.

You can use different software and online aiding tools to speed up the sales cycle. Osmos is among the best options for sending quotes, following-up after clients, managing emails, and efficiently answering the queries promptly. All these features collectively help in closing the deals faster and managing the sales cycle effectively.


The effectiveness of a business depends upon how quickly a deal is closed. Closing deals faster means that you will be earning more profits within a stipulated time. It takes specialized skills to follow-up on prospects without being annoying and getting them closer to make the contract.

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