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The success of sales representatives is measured by how many leads they convert, how many deals they close, and how much profit they earn. Sales reps usually spend just one-third of their time actually selling. Most of their time gets wasted in planning and handling the related administrative tasks. These activities are the most time-consuming and require a lot of effort and energy. You need to outsource these non-selling activities to use your time for chasing the customers/deals in the best possible ways.

We have scoured the 5 most time-consuming sales activities which are as follows:


Sending quotes is an important, hectic, and time-consuming process for a business. After all, your quotes will determine whether you will win the deal or not. Creating winning quotes serves as a milestone for prosper sales activities. That’s why it is essential to run this process as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Sending a quote takes time as you have to consider the little information and tailored to the demands of the project. Manually creating the quotes can take time and how quickly you respond to a quotation request can influence the client’s perception about your business. Customers may assume that the work will also take time as that of responding to quotes.

2. Leads

The response time for leads can make or break a prospective deal. Lead response time should be minimum as it is the trigging factor for the success of a business. It should be kept in mind that prompt and accurate response is the key element for getting a project. While manually handling the leads, it takes a lot of time to screen, filter and sort-out emails or leads and to give a quick response.

A quicker response can make or break the project as clients consider the prompt responses and are more likely to make a deal with them without getting a second thought.

3. Follow-ups

The goal of a follow-up, call or action, is to secure the deal or to know the reasons for not getting the contract. Customers and clients usually get back to the businesses that spend time following up on requests. But keeping record of all the important requests and clients is not that easy. People usually spend hours on this step as going through the query documents and files is a time taking process.

When a client shows interest to hire you or buy your services, you should contact or respond to them immediately. If you fail to do so the client will go to the second available option without any hesitation.

4. Invoicing

Adding and changing details in the invoice template is not an efficient way to do the task. There can be multiple projects for a company at a time and to make invoices manually on your own and according to the project’s specifications isn’t a good idea to implement.

Businesses should opt for different invoice making software that are available in the market at reasonable rates. In this way, the invoicing process will be quicker and error-free.

5. Collection

Collecting dues from clients can be overwhelmingly stressful and to keep a proper record of all the payments is really crucial for a business. Chasing clients and asking them for due payment is an art that can’t be master by everyone. You have to record the payments received and due amounts correctly. To consider minor details and updating the status, again and again, takes plenty of time.

Usually, businesses keep the record in spreadsheets and waste time in checking and updating the status of every receivable account. There are chances of mistakes that can result in loss for the business.

One-stop solution

Osmos is your ultimate guide for all these time-consuming activities. We provide you the services of handling quotes, leads, follow-ups, invoices, and collections.

  • You can send customized quotes to customers/clients and they will get options to accept, reject, add comments, and electronic signatures on the quote
  • All your leads will be shown and sorted in a single place with updated statuses
  • You can follow-up the accepted, rejected or cancelled quotes by just a single click
  • It enables you to filter and sort-out the quotes by date and status
  • Osmos helps you to keep a track of all your receivables efficiently. It notifies you about any late payments along with the option of sending emails to the concerned parties

Besides this, you can customize the quotations by adding photos of your related products and services. Businesses can also receive credit card payments from the quote as we have collaborated with Stripe to provide you a hassle-free experience.

By using Osmos Cloud, you will be able to manage the non-selling activities effectively and in a shorter time. By doing this, you will have plenty of time to strategically plan the process of your business’ sales and generating higher revenues.

Osmos Cloud

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