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What is Mobile Technology?

Although SMBs make a significant contribution to the overall growth of a country and its GDP, a large number of them are still not mobile and tied to some specific locations. The ability to work from anywhere, anytime has the potential of revolutionizing how SMBs work and aids in growth and generating revenue streams.

In simple words, a mobile device is a device that goes where the goes whether it be a smartphone or a tablet. The use of mobile technology in business means having access to important information while on the go. Employees can access basic information such as email and calendar on their mobile devices. But a system needs to be in place if they have to access other business-critical software such as the CRM or accounting information. Examples of mobile tech include:

  • Cloud-based software and document storage
  • Tele-conferencing
  • Instant char platforms
  • Time-tracking
  • VoIP phones
  • Mobile Project Management
  • Voice Assistants
  • Wearables and BYOD policies

The use of mobile technology in business is not just limited to smartphones and tablets as it also encompasses the use of software compatible with mobile devices. This allows employees to access important information regardless of their physical location. Mobile tech for businesses is designed to cut costs, improve efficiency, and deliver better customer services.

Mobile tech

Benefits of Mobile Tech for SMEs

Being tied to a physical location and computers that contain the information a business needs means employees have to be there to get work done. Use of modern technologies not only boosts productivity but also improves the customer experience and day-to-day working. Here are some of the key benefits of integrating mobile technology into business operations:

Better and Streamlined Communications

The use of modern mobile technologies provides employees the tools they need to communicate using real-time channels whenever and wherever they need to. It allows them to communicate in a better way with the customers, colleagues, vendors, and other networks. Tele-collaboration makes it easier for teams to collaborate on projects from anywhere in real-time while ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Remote Working and Enhanced Responsiveness

A recent survey by Gallop suggests that 54% of employees are ready to quit their regular job if they can get one with flexible work time. That’s something SMBs also need to consider seriously as remote working is becoming a policy that talented employed desire.

Working from anywhere comes with other benefits too, even if not done on a full scale, and works particularly well for some industries, including finance, real estate, insurance, transportation, and construction.

With more ways to receive notifications and collaborate on projects, mobile technologies improve responsiveness and provide people with effective channels to keep in touch with their team members.

Timing and Cost Savings

The use of fewer physical resources can save SMBs a lot of money and enables employees to do more with less. Mobile technologies are a lot more accessible than expensive IT infrastructure and have low upfront costs. Cloud technologies simplify tasks, save time, and minimize dependence on being physically present in front of office computers.

Productivity Boost

Mobile devices and cloud-based solutions enable employees to focus their attention on core business functions instead of spending most of their time on repetitive tasks. According to a CITO research, integrating mobile tech can save up to 7.5 hrs/employee/week, which is significant if viewed in the long run.

How Osmos Cloud Helps SMBs Stay Mobile?

Osmos Cloud is a cloud-based quoting software that allows SMBs to manage quotes from anywhere, using almost any device. It offers the advantages of cloud-based solutions in an easy-to-use package that makes quoting workflows up to 10 times faster than using traditional methods such as spreadsheets.

In addition to the core quote management features, Osmos Cloud also allows to manage clients, produce invoices from quotes and automate payment collection through integration with stripe. These features, SMB-focused pricing and anywhere access allow SMBs to stay productive while on the go and get the most out of their IT investment.

Osmos Cloud

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