Five Psychology Tricks You can Use to Boost Sales

Subtle psychological tricks and techniques are now the main instruments for businesses to boost their sales. They give the firm a distinct advantage since they know how a consumer responds to different tactics. You can have the best product and yet struggle in the market. Sometimes sales conversion is only a matter of small yet subtle psychological triggers. 

Your business needs to understand how the customers react and think after seeing the product. But more importantly, you should know what psychological changes can you make to entice your audience. 

Below are five tricks and psychological techniques that will improve your sales figures significantly. 

1) Give customers fewer options

Imagine you go into a restaurant for dinner. And when you open the menu, you see 100 different varieties. An abundance of options will likely make your mind confused over what you want to have.

The same can be applied to an e-commerce store with hundreds of products. To make the process simple, you can remove the unnecessary products to slim down the options. 

Further, categorize your products in sub-categories to guide your customers to the exact product they want. Make sure that your best-selling products are featured on the homepage. 

Categorization of the products on each stage will simplify the purchase process and eliminate the overload of choice effect.

2) Create a sense of urgency

The phenomenon of urgency is long used by businesses to make more sales. When people realize that something is limited, they are forced into action so they don’t miss out on it. 

A great way to implement it in your business is by letting your consumers know that you have a limited number of products left. It will make people buy the product out of fear of missing out. 

Secondly, you can also use limited-time offers by offering exciting deals and discounts on your products. Stress on the deadline and make it clear that it will only last for a limited time. You can portray these offers as a form of advertisement with an ad campaign. Or by simply putting the offer on your Website homepage.

You can also think about other ways to create a sense of urgency to help boost your sales. Use clear and powerful language; give your users the shock they need to make a purchase. 

3) Layout benefits instead of features

Many businesses make a mistake when trying to sell their products. A common assumption they make is that customers care more about the features than the benefits. In truth, customers are more concerned about how the product can add value to their life. 

Take an example of a laptop with a heavy GPU. Most people may not be aware of the term at all. So to make things easier, we can explain that it would substantially increase the laptop speed and will be able to run any program you desire! 

Focus on explaining the benefits rather than the features since it is easier for people to understand. Tech terms can be tricky to grasp for some consumers, so it is essential to explain them in layman terms. 

4) Make it relatable 

You may have noticed businesses using a narrative to make sales. It happens because people love a good story. Sales experts use this technique to demonstrate how the product came in handy while facing a difficult situation. You can present it in advertisements, podcasts, and blogs. 

Make sure that the content is good and evokes the feelings of the audience. Moreover, testimonials are also a great way to build a narrative around your product. Stories that are from ordinary people make the most impact since they are unbiased and trustworthy. 

5) Make onboarding and shipping look free

When the buyer finds out about an additional fee in the initial price, the brain creates a sense of anxiety and triggers a repulsive response. It causes them to divert from the purchase, and you end up losing a potential customer.

You can do instead make shipping and onboarding free. But include the charges in the initial price of the product. This way, you are likely to increase sales since your overall figure seems relatively cheaper. 

Final thoughts

As you may have realized by now that psychological techniques can have a big impact on sales. The key is to think from the customer’s perspective to plan sales. You can begin to see the result as early as weeks!