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Good intentions
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Good intentions are not the answer to our business solutions. How many times can we say “I’ll start at new years’”, “next month I’ll get to work”, “we’ll do it during the off-season”.

We have the best intentions to change, improve our business or to find solutions to the problems, but sadly, many times procrastination leaves our plans as mere “intentions” and ideas that are not carried out for one reason or another.

Why don’t our plans work out?

Human beings work through habits and customs. We auto program ourselves to do the same actions over and over until they become habits. To make a change or create a new habit like “getting to the office early”, “improve my sales technique”, “carry weekly meetings”, “spend more time with the employees” or any other “automatic” behaviour requires repetition, time, effort and an open mind (as we resist change by nature). The same thing applies to changes in our business procedures.

Every day I see businesses eager to apply our Osmos Quote solution; they want to improve and change because they understand the benefit we offer, but when the time comes there are few that achieve it. The desire, the spark that motived them in the beginning extinguishes and they look for an explanation or excuse to not continue.

Why? For the same reason I mentioned before, changing a habit requires time and effort which a lot of times we are not willing to invest. We decide to sacrifice improvement for apathy. And it’s clear that the bigger the change, more time and effort we have to invest, therefor there’s also more resistance.

In the vast majority of cases we can’t see the end benefit and what this new habit will bring us. We get frustrated when we don’t see immediate results, stopping what we were doing and end up half way there or completely going back to our STATUS QUO, which was what motivated us to change in the first place and it becomes a vicious circle.

Sadly, I’ve noticed that in most of cases the people that could benefit the most from changes to their businesses are the ones who are the least involved and least interested. They hope that it will be done in a satisfactory manner as if by magic, without supervising, leading or worrying about people having the necessary knowledge for its realization.

If you intend to make an improvement to your business, it has to be you who pushes it, who is informed and who leads this change. Who knows better than you your business, what it needs and where you want it to go.

There’s no excuses! The success of your business is in your hands.

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