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A few years ago satisfaction surveys were well received by customers. We felt heard, valued and we saw surveys as a solution to our problems. We knew that in the majority of cases we would be contacted to be offered some kind of apology or solution.

With the arrival of massive automation survey systems like SurveyMonkey and the loss of what satisfaction surveys really mean, their true purpose has been lost.


  • Surveys felt more personal

  • There was more human contact and interaction

  • They were used to listen to the customer

  • They were used to improve the service

  • The goal was to retain unsatisfied customers

Few companies continue to use this method as it’s an expensive process, but the few that still do stand out due to their excellent service.


  • Surveys are 100% automated

  • There is no type of human contact

  • Surveys are used to learn your buying behaviour and for statistical purposes

  • They are used to carry out sales, marketing and internal performance evaluation strategies

  • Their purpose is to gather information for statistical purposes.

I’m sorry to tell you, but nobody is going to talk to you or really care about what you think. We went from the “Customer Service” era to the “Customer Statistics” era.

Today, businesses are interested in having data for decision making, evaluating personnel and marketing strategies. Their main purpose is to know how the business is going with quantitative and not qualitative information.

At the end of the day surveys are reactive (we adjust based on the client responses) and we are not proactive.


In Osmos we have our own approach. We try to not do surveys and what has actually been best for us is to UNDERSTAND and listen to the clients (in that order) when we are interacting with them.

The difference between listening and understanding is this: Listening is something mechanical and simple, but understanding is something completely different.

Understanding the client is something subtle; it’s an art. You must know what you are selling, know your clients and interpret what he is communicating to you to discover their hidden needs and help them so their experience is more pleasant.

— Rodrigo De Saro

In Osmos we listen to our clients through different means, but our main source of knowledge is the support chat. We give ourselves the task of analysing all the chats and this is how we UNDERSTAND the client.

It is through listening that we identify small opportunities that customers communicate openly to us.

It is through UNDERSTANDING how we identify the improvement points that have the greatest impact for the client; what will facilitate the use of the tool for them.

UNDERSTANDING + listening together is the formula to improve.


You would think that Osmos is in the SOFTWARE business; but no. We are in the business of education. For SMEs to make good use of Osmos they have to learn to use the tool, but without investing much time or effort. That is why in Osmos we focus on the goal of making the system as intuitive and simple to use without sacrificing any of its functionalities.

Every day we look for ways to simplify learning or rather “Osmos’ non-learning”.

Be sure that every time you contact us it is an opportunity for us to listen to you and UNDERSTAND. It’s a mutual benefit relationship.

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