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Customer expectations are known to build the next competitive battleground. Yes, your services are of prime importance when it comes to structuring sales quotes, but its way more crucial for you to understand your customer’s desire and expectation. Every business circles around the consumer; good businesses don’t push their product, they simply know what their target audience expects to see and pitch accordingly.

Customer success is integral to the success of a company – and when you help customers succeed, you do too.

A quote is the very first formal document that helps you build interaction with the customer. If you get it right, that first impression will definitely count. Your quote structure should clearly reflect the concerns of the decision-maker since your customers buy the way you quote before they buy what you quote. Many businesses do skip this small point which might not sound considerable but is extremely critical for putting you in the winning position.

Your customers are actually rooting for you to get better, and hold certain expectations from the quotes you share. They expect to get simple, presentable and easy to understand quotes with clear pricing, complete product description, service schedule, validity period, payment terms and conditions. Providence of quotes that cover all these points minimizes the likelihood of complications.

RFQs (request for quotes) received from customer’s end generally provide you with a clear outline of what they want, but there might be a lot more to their needs than what’s been communicated initially. If you don’t have great quote templates for what you have to offer or simply if you’re somehow unable to meet your customers’ expectations, you’re more likely to kiss your hard-earned leads goodbye. In order to avoid this scenario, certain factors must be brought under consideration:

Clear Pricing

Before preparing quotes, you need to tailor a price list. For instance, if you sell a fixed range of products or services, this may be the only form of pricing to be communicated. Whatever price plans you opt, they must be clear enough to provide your customers with the exact cost of your work. Writing a professional quote that clearly explains the value of what you are charging for is crucial to winning more jobs.

Brief Description Of Service

Discovering needs of prospects, understanding what they want and helping them avoid their fears can fairly increase the closing ratio of your sales. However, in order to achieve that goal, you need to construct your quotes in a way that they clearly describe your service in-accordance with the customer’s desire. A good quote is brief, yet comprehensive and accurate. It reflects your attention to detail, your ability to listen to the customer’s needs and your skill of coming up with striking presentation of your services efficiently.

Visual content

Most businesses are catching on to the ways visuals affect customer’s decision, since a lot of people expect and prefer to receive quotes with images. 90% of the information transmitted to human brain is visual. Therefore, quotes having better graphics and presentation are more likely to click your audience and help you get quick response.

Ease in Understanding

While constructing quotes, you need to put special emphasis on making them easily apprehendable. Most customer don’t like exaggerated stories and complex verbiage. What they require is a simple and easy to understand quote. Writing powerful yet simple quotes takes some additional efforts and research, but the payoff is way greater than your imagination.

Timely Sharing

Staying responsive to your customers is one of the prime factors to ensure the ever-perfect quoting process. It’s important to be smart about pricing and apply the science to it, but what’s driving it in a lot of cases is meeting this new expectation of speed and intelligence that customers expect. Use of a modern day quoting software like Osmos Cloud can help you save the hassle and time required in quoting process, thus ensuring the best of sales in no time.

Extra benefits

While creating quotes, you need to invest your time and energy to put a monetary value to the extra benefits that your customer can derive from your product or services in comparison with what your competitors are offering. Most people expect quotes to provide clarity about the reservation or purchase of additional services like videos, brochures, etc. Surprising your client by adding a bit more value than what they expect is a great opportunity for a brand to outshine the market competition and achieve higher levels of success.

Quote with Osmos

The advantages of using Osmos for quoting are multifold, and it can help you reset your customer expectations about how quickly and easily they can get their desired quote. Not only it enables your prospects to get a tailor-made quote according to their request and provided requirements, but also keeps your sales agents motivated and more productive as creating a quote manually consumes lot of their time and they try to avoid it as much as possible.

In the present era, e-quote system has entirely changed the business world. The highly efficient eQuote feature of Osmos can help you create and send quotes to customers 10X faster and make follow-up hassle free!

Now you can make your customers happy and do wonders to your quote process through Osmos! The better it gets, the more likely your customers are to sign on the dotted line………

Osmos Cloud

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