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Reinventing doesn’t mean change for the sake of changing. The meaning behind changing is much deeper and arises from the desire of wanting to do things different, to improve and try something new. Reinvention is leaving our comfort zone and experimenting with something unknown and uncertain.

Most of us make resolutions where we plan to make small changes to our lifestyle to improve things like quit smoking, exercising more, etc. The same thing happens with our businesses; we want to make small changes to improve. This can be increase sales by lowering prices or offer a better customer service to retain clients.

Change or Reinvention?

As you can see, we always talk about changes, but we never talk about reinventing ourselves or reinventing our business. We’re stuck on doing things like before, and we try to make a small change in hopes that this will resolve our problem and show improvement.

How many times have we seen in politics that a new government promises a change that never happens? How many times have we tried to change an attitude or behaviour without success?

We have to open our eyes and figure out if the solution can be achived with a change or if what we really need is to reinvent ourselves and our businesses.

The meaning of reinvention?

Dictionaries define reinvention as “trying again” which doesn’t describe the intention behind the action. The psychiatrist Luis Rojas Marcos says “Reinventing ourselves is always something provoked; we don’t change unless something makes us change.” In other words, reinventing ourselves has to come from us, from a true desire of wanting to do things completly different, to try something new and adapt to a situation or reality.

Companies that reinvented themselves?

Did you know that the phone company Nokia started selling rubber tools and tires? The oil company Shell use to export and sell shells. Nintendo was a card game and Western Union a telegraph company. In  this article they talk about 10 businesses that reinvented themselves.

These companies adapted to a new situation and reality. They saw a growth opportunity where they had to reinvent their business to survive. Many others didn’t see an opportunity and had to close their doors like Toys ‘R’ Us, Sears, Blockbuster among others.

If you want to improve your business, it is on you to do it, you are the one that leads the change. Who better than you, it is you that understand what it needs and where you want to take your business.

As a business owner, you should monitor your business and be observant. You must understand the external forces that affect your business, analyze your current situation and plan accordingly. You can make changes, but if these adjustemnts don’t solve the problems, it means that reinventing is probably necessary to survive.

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