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What is Self-Service?

Happy and satisfied customers are a key indicator of business success for all businesses, whether big or small. Although the end goal is the same for all businesses, what matters the most is how you achieve that goal. With the advancements in technology and availability of high-speed internet, customers expect more from businesses, and self-servicing is one area that has seen a lot of customer interest. As the name suggests, self-servicing allows customers, employees, stakeholders, etc. to log-in and get things done without having to talk to anyone. For example, from a consumer’s perspective, a restaurant can have a self-service page that allows customers to book their order without having to call or meet someone. Similarly, a business can set up an online quote request portal that allows business clients to simply enter their requirements, and the system either automatically generates a quote based on that information or routes the query to the most appropriate person.

Benefits of Self-Servicing

Self-servicing not only helps businesses scale, but it also helps them optimize their internal resources, enhance customer experience, and provide them with more value. A lot of small and medium businesses find it difficult to always provide the information customers need at the right time. This can negatively affect new customer acquisition and customer retention. Self-servicing enables businesses to create new customer journeys and facilitates data-driven business culture and design. Customers now prefer self-service options more than ever before and want to know more before contacting anyone in sales. Self-servicing in today’s economy plays an important role and has become an important tool that can help target customers long before they interact with a human. Key benefits of self-service portals and solutions include:
  • Reduce costs related to customer services

  • Improve the productivity of service agents

  • Help create new customer experiences and can teach them new skills

  • Can help boost site traffic

  • Allows businesses to leverage personalized info

  • Strengthens the brand image and lead to positive recommendations

  • More engaging social media interactions

  • Reduces the ticket volume

  • Reduces the time agents have to spend on solving simple issues and tickets

  • 24/7/365 support for customers

  • Makes it easier to share visual assets

  • Customers perceive the business as an entity that understands technology

Osmos Cloud and Self-servicing.

Osmos Cloud is a web-based quote management solution that is accessible from anywhere. In addition to the features covered in detail here, Osmos Cloud allows businesses to receive quotes from a variety of channels, including:
  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • SMS

  • WhatsApp

  • Email

  • Contact form

The eQuote forms is a powerful tool for salespeople who can receive and manage quote requests from one place. Automated eQuotes enables them to send quotes 50% faster than traditional methods without having to transcribe information. Automated follow-ups, payment collection and tracking, and integration with a variety of other solutions make Osmos Cloud a one-stop solution for businesses looking to provide their customers with new experiences.
Self-servicing is not just limited to providing customers with a portal to order food or leave feedback. In today’s growing self-service economy anyone can be an SME. It allows them to deliver content to customers who don’t have time to dig through technical jargon and provides them with a platform to carry out the essential or repetitive tasks themselves. Self-servicing makes it easier to work with customers and minimizes clutter. Always accessible self-service portals mean fewer tickets, more productive customer service agents, and ultimately satisfied customers.
Osmos Cloud

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