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Software as a Service (SAAS) has seen considerable popularity during the past few years. The model continues to provide users with cuttingedge solutions in numerous niches. This strategy allows the software companies to distribute through the internet without coming up against hardware management.

Due to its seamless functionality and process, many businesses have started to use it as a standard delivery model. The experts predict that the adoption will continue to grow. They have identified that the industry will boost by over 40% by the end of 2022 during the past two years. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that numerous businesses now adopt different modern technology, including Artificial Intelligence, to gain a competitive advantage. This article will take a closer look into these trends and determine what the future holds for this service model. 

Machine Learning 

Machine learning focuses on the aspects of learning capabilities and processing data. Ever since the developments in machine learning, it has enabled many businesses to implement effective algorithms. Some of the notable advantages of Machine Learning in SAAS include: 

  • Allow the businesses to get to know more about the personalized habits of the prospects. It enables the firms to craft more products and services which fits the mass’s needs. 
  • It can process and transfer a large amount of data to boost the company’s market position. 
  • Helps in optimizing and improving the business operations
  • Boosts customer engagement and conversions
  • Machine learning ensures plenty of data security.

Integration of AI

AI is one of the recognizable and promising tools for SAAS. The adoption of AI in various business sectors has made them more efficient. With the help of AI technology, businesses can implement automation that ensures seamless operations. 

During the pandemic, the world saw an exponential rise in AI adoption. With the help of AI, many businesses, including healthcare and digital businesses continued providing services to customers. 

The integration also improves the overall security and stores useful business metrics. Moreover, it also prevents the cases of malfunctioning, data leaks and breaches and even cyber attacks. 

Customer-Centric Mindset

Another trend this year would be the increases in customer-centric mindset, which will help businesses to optimize retention rates. Many studies have shown that it costs much more money to get a new customer than to retain an existing one. 

Thus, this year, the firms would work hard to retain the existing customers and build a relationship with their prospects. Reports and research indicate that customer satisfaction and experience needs to be spot on for better retention rates. 

A rise in Video Marketing

While video marketing is not something new for SAAS, it continues to get bigger and bigger. Video marketing has become integral in this face-paced era, and many businesses are looking to leverage it this year.

Given the data last year, over 86% of the businesses use video marketing as a tool for marketing products. Video marketing convinces the customers to buy a product since it adds to the overall reliability. 

One of the conventional methods of video marketing has been YouTube, but with the rise in other platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, the marketers have numerous options. Businesses this year will narrow down their target audience and focus on the most rewarding options.

More Focus on Mobile Experience 

The world is moving towards an era where almost everyone owns a mobile phone. 2022 may seem to be the year where businesses target the mobile market. More focus will be on creating a mobile-friendly interface for the Some developments might include: 

  • Improved accessibility features for the
  • Enhanced interface and more focus on personalization
  • Machine Learning and AI incorporation to enhance algorithms

Vertical SAAS

Working with vertical SAAS means that the business is able to create a market segment for their product by offering a customizable interface. This method is more cost-effective and comfortable compared to others. Overall, it offers extreme flexibility and functionality without any significant expenses. 

The Horizontal SAAS market is crowded and hence, it is hard for some businesses to make a mark. The trend this year might change to vertical and continue to expand in the following years. 

Final Thoughts 

SAAS might prove an exciting space in the following year. The industry is adopting the latest trends and developments which may change how software businesses work. Many SAAS businesses have realized the benefits and will be looking to make changes this year.

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