What type of business owener are you?

What type of business owner are you?

The success of your business mostly depends on the type of business owner you are. The type of business you may start or already have is most probably related to the business owner’s personality.

It is important to know yourself, your competencies, and your opportunities. Not everyone can be a successful business owner, and not everyone is interested in being an owner.

What type of business owener are you?

I have seen many successful businesses that started from a passion and not from the desire to create a business. Most probably, it all started because of the love of baking and decorating cookies. Maybe this person baked cookies only for her family and friends as a hobby, and maybe this hobby became a profitable business.

Sometimes passion becomes a great success because the idea, product, or service has such quality or differentiator that the demand grows organically and exponentially. You started with family and friends, and suddenly, you have a clientele all over town or the country.

Now comes the tough decision, do you have what it takes to convert your passion into a business, and are you willing to go into business, or you prefer to keep it as a hobby?

If you are willing to take the risk and convert your passion into a business, we have created a fun personality test that will give you an insight into your personality and the type of business owner you are.

In addition to your personality test, we survey how knowledgeable you are about your sales and sales quote process if you have a business that sends quotes and estimates to clients.

Hope you like it, and I wish you success on your passion