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Email marketing is a significant part of digital marketing with a substantial ROI which can grow up to 4,200%. That means for every dollar spent, you get as much as $42. But that can only happen once you are doing things the right way.

If you are experiencing low click-through rates, losing subscribers, have poor open rates, it is an indicator that nothing is working out. For email marketing to work, you will need to invest effort and energy into your work. 

Take this time to reflect on your marketing tactics and figure out what’s going against you. To make things easier for you, we have crafted a list of reasons your email marketing is not working and how you can fix them.

1) Sending too many or too few emails

The number of emails you send to your subscribers has an impartial impact on the success rate. For instance, sending bundles of emails to your subscribers every day may cause them to become agitated and unsubscribe to your business. 

Similarly, sending very few emails might also be a problem since people want to hear from you. In case they don’t find what they were looking for, you will lose subscribers. 

To fix the issue, you should send the optimum amount of emails. According to research, sending emails every fortnight is the most effective way to go. However, on some occasions, 2-3 mails per week might be your best course. 

2) Emails are not authenticated

Emails that go directly to the mailbox make a difference. One of the issues that marketers face today is their emails ending up in the spam folders due to the strict policy of email servers. 

Spam emails are flooding in at an astronomical rate. Thus every email is cautiously observed for potential spam. If the server finds any hint of spam then email is likely to be rejected or diverted to the junk folder.

You must make sure that your email is perceived as genuine by the email server. Marketers use tools such as DKIM and SFP to authenticate their emails. 

3) Poor marketing copy

A poorly crafted email is bound to get a lack of conversions. From the beginning till the end, the email should be intriguing. Having an eye-catching subject line is essential since it boosts the number of people opening your mail. 

Another problem could be too many calls to action. Too many CTA’s can cause your readers to be confused over what link to follow. And it can also make it appear spammy and unreliable. Craft your marketing copy carefully with perfect use of CTA

4) Lack of planning

Not doing your homework before starting a campaign is a risky move. The lack of strategy and planning can drastically impact your business. Some marketers miss out on some integral parts of the email, such as the subject line and the structure. 

Focus on the subject line more than you occasionally do. It is of utmost importance since it is the first thing the reader sees. Tools such as Subjectline can help you evaluate your subject line is optimum or not. 

Keep your targeted audience in mind before preparing the email. Personalized emails can make a big difference when it comes to conversions and lead generation. 

5) Unsegmented mailing list

You accumulate subscribers at different stages, with some being new and others with you for a long time. It is essential to realize that they are in the distinctive stage of your sales funnel. Some might be getting started with your product, while others could be about to make a purchase.

Including all of your subscribers in one mailing list will yield disastrous results. It happens because, with a single email, you can only target one segment of your audience, and others are ignored. 

You can begin to divide your subscribers into different categories. For instance, based on their engagement, join date, demographics, and so on. Knowing the characteristics of each segment will help you adopt a targeted approach that will be helpful for your subscribers. 

Final thoughts

Email marketing may seem lucrative due to its enormous ROI, but only a few can make the most out of it. Focusing more on engagement rather than selling can help you make a profitable and sustainable newsletter for your business. Focus on your metrics and by producing engaging content. You will see the positive difference in only a few months.

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