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Why you should start your business

The ease of doing business has encouraged many entrepreneurs to start their ventures and pursue their dream. To become an entrepreneur, you will have to get out of your comfort zone and take calculated risks. But the potential reward is huge! With your own business, you will have control over your life and dreams and won’t have to work a typical 9-5 job.

Here are the points that will convince you to start your business and be your boss.

1) Financial independence 

Many entrepreneurs start their businesses to move on from a fixed wage and increase their income stream. While it is true that the opening phase of any business is met with challenges and hard work, but it is key to unlocking the fruitful benefits of a business. 

The business helps you avoid living from paycheck to paycheck and has potential growth. As the business grows, so does your profit and income. Secondly, your business is your asset that has worth. You can gain plenty of money if you decide to sell it at any time.

2) You will do what you love

With your business, you can follow your passion and dreams. Working on your goals will keep you motivated and happy rather than working for someone else. You can shape the company according to your will and offer the service or the product you are highly passionate about. 

3) You will have control over your life

Whether you like it or not, you have to follow a strict schedule in the corporate world and have to listen to your senior staff. But with your business, you can change that! Your venture will help you work flexible hours to be free of the typical 9-5 schedule. 

You can set the working hours according to your comfort and even opt to work from home. Although you still have to get the work done, no one is looking over your shoulder. 

The start will always be hard, you might have to put in long hours, but slowly and gradually, when the business grows, you will start with flexible hours. 

4) Job security

When you are doing work for others, you are always at risk of getting fired and losing your job. It can be due to the business laying off employees to cut costs or due to performance-related reasons. You are always under stress whether you will be promoted or will have a decent appraisal. 

Starting your business takes you away from such worries and enables you to invest in your future. You will have the power to control the business and run it as you please. Your future will be in your hands, and you wouldn’t have to worry about lay-offs anymore.

5) You can be creative

You will have the liberty to decide what you sell in your business. You can make decisions that you think are the best. Take this opportunity to develop your idea and innovate. You can always experiment with your product to make it more appealing or valuable. 

Innovation and creativity are critical traits of an entrepreneur. In your business journey, you will face challenges, but you can have the freedom to deal with them your way. 

The graph show that there are a considerable amount of entrepreneurs innovating products. 

6) You can get tax benefits 

As starting a business takes time before generating a profit, governments usually offer substantial tax breaks. They seek to help small startups to tax incentives to increase their chances of success. You might want to hire an accountant or a financial planner to get the maximum benefit from these government programs. 

7) You will be motivated to work

When you work for someone else, you are often demotivated and put in the shifts without any interest. After all, it is the company that is bearing fruits of your hard work. 

But when you are the owner, you will find the drive to succeed as following your dreams is exciting. You will be motivated to put more hard work to reap more rewards. 


Creating a business is creating a legacy that will last for many years to come. You can transfer your business to your family quickly and help them in the future. Moreover, if times get tough, you can sell a running business quickly to help you out financially. 

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