The new work-from-home paradigm that the Covid-19 brings

Covid--19 brings
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A few weeks ago, the world was different; we never imagined that a pandemic would knock at our doorsteps, and here we are. Locked in our houses with schools, shopping malls, businesses, and even borders closed.

For how long will we be locked in our houses?

Well, we do not know yet. We started with a quarantine of 2 weeks, and a few countries have already opted for a lockdown of a minimum of 6 weeks. It’s still the beginning as we don’t know how long will it take to make the world Covid-19 free. Since traveling and visiting other countries will probably still be risky until the cases of Coronavirus or Covid-19 drops down to 0.

The impact on the economy will be global for everyone, from large companies like Uber to freelancers and small businesses. The economy has stopped, and we all are suffering from it alike.

Great tragedies bring significant paradigm shifts

But great tragedies bring significant paradigm shifts. Companies and educational institutions are shifting to work remotely, and thus Slack, Skype, Zoom, as well as CRM’s and other productivity tools, are booming.

If your business has a sales team (1 to 20) who send estimates, quotes, and budgets, Osmos is an appropriate tool your sales-persons should use for enhanced collaboration and  productivity. With Osmos, you can create, preview, and send estimates from your home and monitoring the business sales is easy.

The Covid-19 brings probably the beginning of a real change in the way we see remote work and remote education.

Today we are forced to use this type of technology that already existed, but we were reluctant to use it due to the complexity. While using Osmos, you will not experience the hassles of other traditional online tools, as this is specially designed for SMEs to make the processes much more manageable.

Work-from home

Though we refused to use these types of tools before, work-from-home is the best alternative according to the need of the hour. We did not trust remote work in the past, as we have the idea that employees will waste their time at home and will be less productive when the opposite has been proven. Osmos has made it more feasible and you will feel like operating your sales teams just like that of the office.

Are you interested in knowing more? Schedule your appointment for a discussion with our advisor and see if Osmos is a good fit for your business.

Take care of yourself, wash your hands, and avoid going out. Together we make the difference.

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