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Simple sales solution- pay as you go
per user/month billed monthly

✓ $1 USD per new quote

✓ $1 USD per new contact

Track and automate your quotes and leads in less time.
per user/month billed monthly

or $24.90 per user if billed annually

Everything you need to collaborate, communicate, and grow revenue.
per user/month billed monthly

or $49.90 per user if billed annually


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All plans

  • Chat & email support
  • CRM
  • Quoting
  • Integration with QuickBooks and Xero
  • Integration with Pipedrive, Insightly, Salesforce
Not Included
Pay as you go Essential Pro
Lead management
Manage, track, and qualify leads including pipeline stages, communications history and ownership.
Kanaban and Pipelines
Create customizable pipelines and visualize leads in a drag-and-drop kanban view.
Lead form
Capture leads directly to Osmos from your website, Facebook, WhatsApp or from any place on the web.
Contact management
Add pictures, contact information, social media profiles, tags, assign sales agents, merge duplicates, add to mailing campaigns, create audiences, and tags.
Organization management
Assign contacts to organizations, manage price lists and contact details.
Import and export
Easily import contacts from a spreadsheet or migrate from another CRM
Email templates
Improve productivity by creating email templates with pre-populated merged fields. Track opens and replies.
Social connections
Connect your account to your different social media profiles
Task, to-do's, and Reminders
Create task and reminders for team members and add them to your favorite calendar.
Calendar management
See what's up with your quotes, sales orders, booked items and services, payments, reminders, tasks, and your personal agenda. Manage sales rep calendars.
Connect Osmos to your CRM
Connect your CRM to Osmos to manage your leads sales quotes, estimates and proposals.
Email linked to contacts
Send emails from Osmos and link contacts to sync conversations.
Custom fields
Create custom fields for your contacts, quote template, and items.
Quote management
Send, create, edit, manage, track, and follow up on sales quotes. Create quote stages, automatically assign ownership, and monitor client interactions.
Sales Quote templates
Customize unlimited number of sales quote templates with our ready-to-use templates or create your own PRO quote template from scratch with our simple to use drag-and-drop template editor.
Ready-to-use Ready-to-use Ready-to-use
Item catalog
Add your items via spreadsheet or within Osmos. Create categories, sub-categories, item name, description, price, unit, item code, add images, currency, discount, description, cost, and may other fields.
Enhanced item customizations
Create bundles by groupong items together, add sub-items, and item variants.
Quote tracking
Monitor the status of the quote to see when open, interactions, and statistics that will help you close more deals.
Manage inventory and availability
Multi-warehouse item inventory management and service availability in real time. Get a notification if a service is not available based on dates and times.
Quote versioning
Duplicate and create quote versions
Create sales orders
Create sales orders after quote or estimate has been approved.
Electronic interactive quote
Electronic version of the sales quote viewable in a browser in where clients can chat and interact by adjusting quantities, remove or add optional items, sign and make payments.
Cost and Profit management
See your profit marging and adjust your cost and price to meet your desire gross margin per sales quote.
Print and save quote on PDF
You can send, save and print quotes on PDF using your template design.
Attach documents
Attach documents to your quote
Sales quotes analytics
See when was the quote first open, number of times it was opened, time viewed, client interactions, and last time seeing.
Sign quotes and estimates electronically without printing and keep them safe on Osmos.
Sales commision tracking
Automatically calculate and track sales comissions.
Send quotes in multi-currencies. Option to define exchange rates between currencies.
Invoice management
Create invoices from Osmos or connect Osmos to your favorite accounting software.
Accept payments via credit card (Stripe) or PayPal directly from the sales quote or over the phone.
Create CFDI 3.3 invoices
Create invoices directly from sales quotes with a click of a button. You can aswell create complementos de pagos.
Payment management
Manage payment agreements by adding payment schedule, required deposits, recurring payments, payment installments, and upfront payments. Monitor payment status, send proof of payments, receipts, notifications.
Workflow automations
Create automations triggered by status change or acitivites such as sending a follow up email after a quote is sent. Create automated tasks, emails, and reminders for selected contacts and users.
eQuote inquiry form
The simplest way to automate and receive quote inquiries from all channels. Client can request quotes from Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and your website. Quotes are pre-built and made available in your Osmos account.
basic basic Pro
Interactive buttons
One click buttons that notify you when clients want to close a deal, are expecting a phone call or have questions.
Schedule oubound emails
Schedule and send emails based on custom automations.
Team management
Organize sales reps into teams and assing goals.
User Roles and permissions
Create, cusotmize, and manage roles to either personalize access at a role profile or user level.
Track how closely teams and individual sales reps are to achive their goals. Assign parameters like deals won or a monetary value.
Internal chat
Colaborate and communicate with your team and clients with Osmos internal chat. View past conversations.
Make sales calls from Osmos
Contact map
See where contacts are located with Google Maps.
Customize dashboards
Create custom dasboards based on each user specifis needs.
Sales quotes analytics
See when was the quote first open, number of times it was opened, time viewed, client interactions, and last time seeing.
Multiple sales and lead reports.
API access
Develop custom features for free with our REST API
Push information to your end points
Integrate Osmos in Zappier marketplace
Integrate Osmos with Xero accounting
Integrate Osmos with QuickBooks
Integrate Osmos with Twillio accounting
Integrate Osmos with Dropbox
Integrate Osmos with Mailchimp
Integrate Osmos with Stripe
Google Drive
Integrate Osmos with Stripe
Integrate Osmos to Pipedrive CRM
Integrate Osmos to Insighlty CRM
Integrate Osmos to Hubspot CRM
Integrate Osmos to Hubspot CRM
Two-factor authentication
Enhance your login authentication by adding a two-factor authentication
AES-256 encryption
Data and user credentials are encrypted
Wold-class data storage
Your data is stored and protected by world-class hosting infrastructure
Web based access
Access Osmos from any device connected to the Internet
Osmos is available in English, French and Spanish.
Email, phone, and chat support
Chat/Email Chat/Email Chat/Email/Phone


Increase the limit of the quotes and estimates that your company can create per month. You can increase from 50 to 100, 150, or unlimited quotes per month.

$20 USD
Increase to 100 quotes per month per company

$30 USD
Increase to 150 quotes per month per company

$50 USD
Increase to unlimited quotes per company

Frequently asked questions

Osmos has a CRM, but it is more than just a CRM. It is a CRM with quoting functionality for companies that require to send estimates and proposals to clients and at the same time want to track leads and opportunities.

Yes, you can connect your current CRM to Osmos. If you do not want to migrate to a new CRM, but you are looking for software that can help you automate and manage your quotes and estimates, then we can handle that for you. Keep your leads on your CRM, and we take care of the proposals and estimates.

On your free trial, all accounts are created using the pro plan so you can test all functionalities. After the free trial is over, you can decide to switch to a different plan or stay with the pro plan.

After your free trial is over, you will need to enter your billing information and decide what plan best suits your company's needs.

The Essential and Pro plan are fixed-price monthly plans. The Pay as You Go plan is usage-based. You only pay for the new quotes and contacts created, and in case you want to add extra user, you pay a very low per user monthly fee.

The difference is how often you pay your subscription fee. For annual billing, you are charged once upfront for the whole year, and for monthly billing, you are charged the same day each month.

You can cancel your monthly billing account at any time. Once done, all accesses to the account will be blocked, billing charges will be stopped, and your data will be deleted in the following 90 days after closing your account. For annual billing, there are no refunds.

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