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Sales Quoting Software to Scale Your Business

Osmos is the sales quoting software that will automate the entire process for you. With Osmos, you can create, send and follow up on quotes and estimates all day long!

Ditch the overloaded spreadsheets

Osmos saves you time and effort by automating the quote creation process. It organizes all sales quotes in one place, making them accessible within minutes to you and your sales team.

Send quotes on the go

Whether you are working from home, coffee shop, on the road, or even the office, with Osmos, quote inflow never stops. You can create, send, and review quotes from any device, no matter where you are.

Make data-driven decisions

Osmos generate real-time sales data and forecasts with customizable dashboards. Monitor quotes, sales team members, leads, sales, and generate reports to make data-driven decisions for the future.


Get customize quotes and invoices easy-to-use interface.

Complete freedom and flexibility to design your own quotes. In a matter of minutes with the use of our drag-and-drop functionality
  • Add your logo
  • Choose your colors
  • Personalize the displayed client and business information
  • Add images and text
  • Customize the item table

You can choose from a wide selection of quote templates

or design your own with the help of our editor.

A quoting software that automates the quoting and invoicing process.

Send and track quotes with our quoting software. With Osmos, you can:
  • Track quote activity such as open and views
  • You can now keep tabs on when a client goes from browsing the quote to converting, so you can follow up with them.
  • The quote dashboard is an overview of your pipeline, which you can use to remove bottlenecks and forecast sales.
data tracking
data tracking

Manage your customers sales and quotes in one place

Get your catalog up and running with ease. Our software gives you the flexbility to add products and services one by one or simply upload everything altogether via spreadsheet. Ideal for businesses that want to track order items, inventories, and fulfill orders.
  • Add items, images, description, prices, unit, code, and more
  • Turn inventory (multi-warehouse) tracking on or off
  • Manage multiple prices, discounts, and taxes
  • Add sub-items, create bundles, and item variants
  • Measure profit margin
  • Show prices in different currencies
  • Create sales orders
  • Create invoices or connect Osmos to your accounting software

Other Osmos quoting software features include:

Tap into our personalized service to accomplish all your business needs.

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Creating, managing, and following up on leads with Osmos CRM

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Quote inquiry omnichannel with Osmos eQuote

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Creating tasks, activities, and reminders

invoice icon

Generating invoices and receiving payments

team icon

Creating teams, adding users, and assigning roles

dashboards icon

Customized dashboards and reports

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Over 20+ app integration

How it works?

Osmos is the sales quoting software that will automate the entire process for you. With Osmos, you can create, send and follow up on quotes and estimates all day long!

Manage Leads
create quotes
produce invoices
collect payments

Connect Osmos to your other sales and productivity tools


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