6 Steps to Successfully Create a Successful Work Habit

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Have you really thought how many hours of work you spend getting things done and refocusing your efforts with each email and minor task? Researches have shown that focusing on an activity takes an average of 23 minutes after being disrupted. Now, think of how much time you’ve lost and how many times you were actually spent trying to do something but didn’t actually succeed in doing so.

Establish a clear goal

Setting goals can become the key to success for the things you do during your workday. Perhaps you know you want to meet a deadline at work, but need to have enough research to produce the final product in a specific amount of time. Figure out what you want to achieve with each task. This allows you to write a clearer goal statement for yourself, which will help you establish more effective habits. Start small One small change can lead to you experiencing a major change. Instead of focusing on the whole task at hand and failing to finish it, break it up into small manageable chunks. Instead of trying to complete your task in an hour, make it into a set amount of time.

Get rid of distractions

Many people blame email and social media for distractions, but the truth is you’re not alone. Our socialization skills have been suppressed for so long, and the fact is that there’s no substitute for focus and mindfulness. Turn off your phone Take time to find out how much time you spend looking at your phone, playing with your smartphone and browsing social media every day. If it’s more than you can count, turn it off for a while. Or you can try switching off notifications during the workday. Clear out your inbox You need to know that all your emails from friends, family, and colleagues are not, as you may think, just a few and well-crafted emails. The inbox can be like a vacuum that sucks up and chokes your thoughts. Get rid of what doesn’t actually matter.

Use a timer

This is the number one trick in training your brain to focus. Set a timer for just 15 minutes and try and do something you are not really enjoying and are not that productive at for that time. The brain will try to fight this but will eventually need to focus and not allow itself to be distracted by other stimuli. Give yourself a reward Make it something you know you will enjoy. For instance, if you are writing an article, give yourself the luxury of going to the gym in your lunch break to relax and try to get your body moving. This will make you fall in love with your task and reinforce that your goal is to be efficient at it. A habit is essentially, repeating a behavior over and over again until it becomes habit and habitual.

Find a dedicated workspace

The task of finding a dedicated workspace seems easy but, in truth, it’s a challenge. After all, you’ll need something to separate you from your phone, computer and all the other distractions that allow you to get lost in your work. Be specific about the kind of workspace you need: a dedicated desk, preferably with an outlet, near a window or doorway, with a telephone, laptop and printer nearby. If this is not possible, then consider picking a quiet part of your home that is free of distracting walls, and build yourself a comfortable room with the comforts you need and where you’ll stay focused on the task at hand. If it’s a struggle to stay focused in your own home, try a coworking space or a virtual office.

Create an action plan

This is the key to an effective work habit. You cannot fully activate your willpower all the time. Therefore, you need to set up some guidelines. Create a clear purpose for your action plan, as it will ensure you spend more of your time on the things that matter most. You also need to create a reward system for yourself to encourage you to stick with the action plan. Make sure you have some kind of reward at the end of every task or activity. Set an Intention A person who wants to break the routine is a person who has an intention in mind. You have to be sure you’re headed towards something that matters to you. It’s good to have an intention for the rest of your life and work at being a better human being. Take a moment to consider what you would want your legacy to be.


Create a simple, daily goal and push for it. It is what will make you more successful, more successful in your daily tasking.

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