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To succeed in this highly competitive world, you need a lot more than intuition. The market is ever-changing, and customers demand alternations. For your business to truly rise, you should be able to stay ahead of the tide. You should think of ways to be one step ahead of the competition. To do this successfully, you need efficient tools that will make your job easier and effective.

With the help of tools, you can improve the accuracy with which you receive and interpret data, and sales automation tools are no exception. Some sales automation tools can significantly increase the speed and accuracy of your task and also decrease time wasted on tedious jobs and other operations.

Here is a quick overview of some top free sales automation tools: 


It is a platform for sales productivity. Yesware is an all-in-one sales acceleration platform that helps salespeople connect with prospects. Installation and integration can be done in under a minute by using this sales automation tool. You can quickly and efficiently schedule your meetings.


Calendly is the best-automated scheduling software. It can help you to connect with up to six of your calendars to automatically check the availability. When you need to connect with your best contacts, prospects, and clients, this tool comes in handy. Calendly is an efficient sales automation tool to hold all types of meetings and distribute meetings to your team based on availability and priority. It can authorize your whole team to have a streamlined and high-yielding workflow.

HubSpot Sales

This automation software tool will help the sales team at every stage of the sales process: from identifying auspicious leads to bringing up and closing the deal. Its additional function of customer relationship management, you can keep track of client details that lead to more accurate assessments of customer’s interests and campaign performance. It comes with a free trial and a paid plan.

Osmos CRM

Osmos is a time-saving sales automation tool for every stage of the sales process. It will grow your business by managing your teams and automate the current quoting and sales process. It will monitor the performances and enhance sales due to its 10 x lightning faster speed and built-in CRM functionalities. 

Freshworks CRM

Freshworks automation is a software system that can speed up your sales cycle and boost productivity with minimum customization. Freshworks offers multiple features such as built-in email and funnel management. This software is easy to set up and ready to go for everyone.


It is the easiest way to find your potential customers. This tool is important for those who want to attract and convert new leads. You can easily learn how to make marketing automation visuals. Autopilot repetitively performs your task and saves time. This platform can help you with booking appointments and educating others. 


This free web-based service for sales productivity can elevate the speed of your sales cycle. It is an all-in-one sales platform that connects salespeople and performs time-consuming manual tasks within just a few minutes. The free Installation process works like the cherry on the top. Zapier transfer information between different web apps and keep sales staff focused upon important tasks. 


It is a multichannel sales automation tool that will increase your outbound sales team’s productivity. IFTTT remarkably plays its role in the easy creation of applets. This platform makes connections in the world through apps and devices. It helps your top-priority tasks to stay at the top position in the marketing activities. Besides this, it will help you in creating an impactful sale business and save your time. 


It is a sales automation tool that organizes contacts and simplifies how professionals can stay connected via motion zoom and spatial relationships. Their solutions can guarantee that you are connected to the relevant people to complete your task in a matter of a few minutes. This software adds extra creativity and creates more engaging work samples for the sales reps. 


In this fluctuating economic environment, no matter your company size, you should give your sales teams the right automation tools that will increase their efficiency and boost your company’s revenue. Choose a sales automation tool wisely to get optimal results.

Osmos Cloud

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