CRM for Quoting and Booking

For businesses that rent equipment

All-in-one CRM, Quoting and Booking!

It's never been easier to manage your equipment rental business with a CRM that can handle all the estimates, clients, reservations, and payments. Whether it is heavy machinery or party equipment, Osmos is the perfect tool for your day.

Main Features for equipment rentals

Detailed rental information

Equipment name, descriptions, images, rental dates and times, discounts, clauses, and more.

Rental availability

Now you can track and avoid dates that have been already booked while you create quotes. This will also help you avoid overbooking so your customers will be satisfied.

Online quote requests

Clients can request estimates on their rentals by visiting your website and selecting the equipment to be rented, the dates they need them, and even answering a questionnaire.

Deposits and payments

Reserving equipment now only requires a deposit or some confirmation. Osmos simplifies the process with its ability to capture deposits, track payments, and even electronically sign documents.

Send Quotes – Confirm Reservations – Track Payments

Osmos is a CRM that makes it easy to manage your equipment rentals, quotes and bookings. Register payments, deposits, and follow up on quotes with ease.