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It’s the same story every year. We wait until January so we can start working on our resolutions. Here you will find 4 tips that will help you achieve your resolutions without excuses.

A resolution is nothing more than that, an intention to do something. If we don’t achieve our resolution, then we will find a good excuse to postpone it and continue to procrastinate until we realize it’s already October, and it’s too late to start anyway.


If our resolutions had consequences they would be much easier to achieve, don’t you think?

We make resolutions supposedly so we can change for the better. This is why we give them less importance.

Here I would like to share some tips on how to achieve your New Year’s resolutions for 2020. These tips will also help you achieve your resolutions whenever you want, whether it’s halfway through the year or at the end. There is never a bad time to improve.

1)  Do you have a resolution in mind and do you have the desire to achieve it?

Start now. Don’t wait until the start of the year, month or week. It’s now or never, now is always the best time to start.

2) Too many resolutions but not enough time?

No one has spare time; time it’s a limited and valuable resource. Sort and rate your resolutions based on their importance, but most importantly by how much TIME THEY SAVE YOU, your most limited resource (more time = more resolutions achieved)

If your resolution intent is to save you time, for example, option A) Start using  Osmos quoting system which you know it will save you time when it comes to quote creation instead of option B) Completing your website. Option A is the option that makes more sense because it saves you time, and the time saved can be put towards completing option B.

3) You have a resolution but don’t know where to start?

Take time to think and reflect outside of the office or your house. Go to a park, forest or natural area where you won’t be bothered; get in touch with nature. Visualize your resolution and think about how things would be if you achieved it. Start identifying how the ideas fit together and in what order. Write them down so you won’t forget.

4) No resolutions?

There’s always something you can improve, whether it’s in your personal life, work or business. Sometimes it is not easy to identify goals, especially with so many distractions and noise around us. If you go on a holiday take some time off to analyze your life and think about what would you like to achieve? What are your goals? Ask yourself what do you need to improve to achieve these goals.

At Osmos we hope you achieve your goals and resolutions for 2020.


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