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The popularity of artificial intelligence is booming like rapid-fire in the 21st century. Experts have found some tremendous uses of AI in research laboratories, mechanics, hospitals, and more. The huge adaptability is one of the significant reasons why AI is becoming popular in marketing as well. Due to its myriad uses, it has changed everything from nurturing leads to analyzing customers’ data, sending quotes, and follow-ups.

Businesses are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to be one step ahead of the competition differently and effectively. You can use AI for customer acquisition to maximize profits.

Use of AI in Email Follow-ups

Gone are the days of putting backbreaking efforts into making instinctive, gut decisions about follow-up emails. Artificial intelligence can surely outperform humans in making accurate predictions and giving stellar recommendations. To your surprise, AI can go way beyond composing smart follow-ups or reply to queries. Here are some of the top uses of AI in quotes and follow-ups:

Writing better and persuasive subject lines

Natural language generation is one of the subsets of AI that can actually write like humans and in fact better than humans. Once it is trained on extensive and structured data, it’s capable of creating narratives for different purposes like email subject lines and follow-up body. From word choice, sentiments to using emoji, AI does everything quickly and accurately.

Osmos Cloud uses AI technology to suggest subject lines and selecting the best suitable template to respond to customer queries and following up with prospects.

More responsive in sending tons of Emails

The most invaluable feature of AI-based tools is the optimization of the time needed to perform a particular activity. Prospects and consumers expect a more personalized response and experience from the company with which they are considering to make a deal. But it’s nearly impossible for salespersons to deliver that to every prospect. With the growth of the audience, it becomes more overwhelming, and follow-up is no exception.

In order to optimize the email open rates, it is essential that the audience receives the follow-up emails according to the preference of the recipients. This is hard to do manually, and AI can save your time as well as efforts to keep track of everything.

With Osmos Cloud, you can easily keep up with the audience and manage the sales cycle as per the audience’s preferences. Assessing a stockpile of data from the portal to build a predictive model for each prospect has made it a lot easier. Thus, you will be sending emails to the audience at the time when they will most likely open it.

Segmenting prospects

Smart salespersons know the value of organizing and sorting out quotes and follow-ups. They prefer to segment the audience before customizing the emails list and segmenting them can increase the likelihood of closing more deals.

With Osmos Cloud, you can easily organize and sort the quotes sent to the prospects and the follow-up emails sent according to the dates sent, recipient’s name, and stage of the sales cycle. Apart from this, you can also add value to the follow-ups by adequately explaining what problems are you going to solve and can use numbers and values in the content.

Adding Call-To-Actions can save their time, and you will be quickly notified about the actions they have made. Osmos’ interactive buttons can be customized and allow the recipient to reply promptly with a single click.

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