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Many businesses provide services and products that don’t have an upfront price because the cost involved varies a great deal. If they need to make a contract with their client, few basic requirements need to be fulfilled: agreement, consideration, capacity, and legality.

Prior to agreement, businesses record the details of negotiations by using quotations/estimates. Quotations are non-binding and part of the negotiation process. They are recommended to be transparent about the product/service and pricing, since they constitute the very first documents to be shared with customers.

Quotes showcase your approach to business and declare all terms for providing your goods and services. There are several businesses that send out quotations as an initial step for building profitable relationship with prospective customers, and to let them know of what kind of offers/packages they have to provide. Few of them are enlisted below:

Home Automation Services

 The emerging business of home automation services requires multiple price quotes to be shared with people who’re into the smart home craze, just so they may easily pick the package that attracts them and catches their sight or mind. Osmos Cloud can be the right choice to serve the purpose. Currently, it’s supporting multiple such companies including iTECOM, CaboTechnologies, NIKOLED, SolarPro and many more. Click here and view the demo video to know more.

 Travel Company

 For companies offering travel services, the initial quote is the foundation of business. Being a travel agent, one needs to master the art of structuring quote such that it explains the overall experience desired by customer, without confusing things in the weeds of the nitty gritty of the tour. Major selling point here is the fact that you’re a professional travel agent, there to help your customers straightaway through the entire process by sharing brief yet comprehensive quotations in a timely fashion.

Photography-Event planning-Catering

 Each contract of photography or event planning needs to begin with price quotations. These quotes are based on preliminary charges, extra costs, due fees, taxes, policies in instances of cancellation, and more. You may also share multiple quotes with varying charges for per hour and per day packages.

 Marketing/Advertising/IT Agencies and Consultancies

 When it comes to promoting services offered by a digital agency, there is always a thin line between cutting profits to beat your competition, or over-pricing and scaring away the customers. Most companies that provide marketing/advertising services have created categorical packages and highlight features to show that they’re offering great value at nominal price. Quotations based on packaged plan with transparent pricing encourages target https://www.osmoscloud.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/header-cover-1.jpgs to explore the packages they’re interested in and bring promised sales to the business.


 Wholesalers and distributors need to put in a lot of efforts to cope up with the sea of continuous change, and it gets difficult for them to get on track of digital transformation.  Our modern era demands every business to unlock the power of digital technology and be more proactive in meeting customer needs by moving to swift quotation and customer management softwares. Osmos Cloud can help your customer revenues here with real-time actionable insight that enables you to analyze your customer’s buying behavior/intent, eliminate the white space, and identify prospects for new products.


 Construction quotes help construction companies break down the expected labor and material costs for proposed projects. Such companies need to be more agile in response to market changes and more capable in delivering a superior experience to retain their customers.

Apart from the ones discussed above, there are multiple other service providers who do require sharing of quotations as a part of their sales process like Branding, Training, Repair, Renovation, Maintenance, Insurance, etc.

Quotations through Osmos

Osmos makes it easier for each type of business to prepare and share quotes quickly with the customers, ensuring a considerable increase in the overall chances of its acceptance as compare to manual quoting process which is extremely slow and error-prone.

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