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A business quote is a formal document you deliver to your potential client. It includes the goods and services you will provide and the price for them. Writing a professional quote has numerous benefits, one of them being the professional attitude your business represents.

In this article, you will learn how to create professional quotes in five steps and turn prospects into clients. 

1. Create a template

The first step in creating a winning quote is to create a customized template including your business letterhead, logo, and name. There are countless templates you can find online. Alternatively, you can create one and save it for all future quoting. 

Having a template for quoting saves you time designing the quote from scratch each time you need to submit one. 

2. Add contact information 

After you have set a template, add your contact information somewhere easy to find, so your potential client can reach you out. The contact information includes contact name and title, email, phone number, and address. Also, it is crucial to add the client’s contact information.  

3. Add products or services

The next step is to add products or services relevant to the quote as line items. Next to each product, add the product number, unit price, quantities provided, and the total price for each product or service.

At the end of the quoted items, total the cost for all products or services and then add taxes. 

4. Include a validation period

To ensure you are selling at a profitable price, you need to include a validation period for the quote. The validation period is usually done by writing the date of issue and adding next to it “Valid for XX days.” Such a thing will protect you from any changes in supplier prices or seasonal demand.

5. Add terms and conditions

It is essential to add terms and conditions, so the client is aware of other variables that can impact the project. In this part, you note possible changes during the project execution or the price of additional work.

Also, in this section, you should add how your business processes payments. In general, terms and conditions include all additional information you want the client to know about the quote apart from the items quoted. 


Before you send the quote to potential prospects, double-check it first. Check for any misspelling, missing information, price consistency, or any tiny error that you might have slipped.

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