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eQuote is the simplest and the fastest way for clients to request quotes

Osmos eQuote, is a quote automation software that boost sales. A simple, fast, and efficient way by which clients request quotes from their favorite channels, whether it's Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn or your website.

Faster quoting, 30% more sales opportunities

Handle inquiries from Facebook, WhatsApp, Chatbots, and Websites effortlessly. Get quotes out with the first contact and avoid endless email exchanges with clients. Use these platforms to create quotes easily.


Create error-free, automated quotes

Osmos eQuotes makes quoting a breeze. It customizes quotes to match your client's needs, so all you have to do is review the document and hit send. It's that easy!

Hassle-free automated follow-ups

Our sales automation for quoting simplifies the process. Convert, analyze, track, and communicate with your clients and leads in real-time, all to help you close deals faster.

Electronic signature to confirm agreements
Collect payments via credit card or by other methods
Get a notification when the quote is viewed or when the deal is done
In-depth analytics of the quote's performance, including the number of views, opens, and more
Direct chat, message, or call within the quote that puts your client in contact with your sales team
Interactive and self-service quoting

Upselling is a great way to bring-in more income - let clients adjust quantities, remove items, and add other products before confirming and closing the deal.

eQuote use cases

Osmos eQuote is great for sales reps who are on the go and need to prepare quotes. They find it useful when they're visiting leads.

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