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Osmos eQuote was designed for businesses that send sales quotes on a daily basis and do it all manually. The eQuote is a sales automation tool that allows clients to request quotes using a form that looks like an e-commerce page. All quotes requested are self-generated and ready to be sent from your Osmos account.

Self-service Tool

10X Faster

With Osmos eQuote, you can create and send sales quotes 10 times faster than any of your current quoting methods- spreadsheets, accounting software, and even other quoting software.



Manage all quotes requests from Facebook, Email, contact/inquiry forms or Whatsapp with Osmos eQuote cloud quoting software.

Sales Automation tool – eQuote

  1. Client Request Quote

    Client Request Quote

    The client submits a request using the eQuote.

  2. Notification


    You get a notification about a pending request that needs to be reviewed.

  3. Login to Osmos

    Login to Osmos

    Review the request and make the necessary adjustments accordingly.

  4. Click on send quote

    Click on send quote

    Once the adjustments are made to the quote, click on send.

  5. Client receives

    Quote reception

    The client receives a well-designed and alluring quote in a few seconds.



Well-designed quote form

The eQuote looks like an e-commerce page that makes it appealing and easy-to-use by clients. It can be hosted on your website, or we can do it on your behalf. Deploying your eQuote takes one click, and no technical skills are required.

Highly customizable

The eQuote is highly customizable to help you provide more accurate sales quotes to the clients. You can choose the type of information that the client must provide, and you can create a set of questions to be answered before selecting the items or services. You can also show or hide prices, add the option to enter a quantity or just select the item, show real-time availability for services, and many more options.

Send quotes in a few seconds

All information and items selected by clients are automatically registered on your Osmos account. This means you won’t need to transcribe or type anything. Once the client completes the eQuote, in your Osmos account, you will find the client and quote information on the business quotation software. In here, you can make changes and adjust the quote. You can add more items, modify prices, change the quantity, add clauses, attach documents, and any information that must appear on your quote.

Other Sales Automation functions


Send sales' quote automatically

Send sales' quote instantly after a client has submitted the request.


Avoid duplicates

By using client’s email as an identifier, you can avoid duplicated records while using sales automation tools. It also makes it easier for clients to request a new quote because their contact information is not required again.


Display prices

You have the option to display prices on the eQuote or you can hide them if you want.


Additional fields

The eQuote offers more than 15 different fields like dates, times, addresses, phone numbers, social media handlers, and many more to customize the quotes.


eQuote format

You can host the eQuote with-in your website or Osmos can provide a URL that can be shared and used by clients as your eQuote form.


Client questionnaire

You can create a client questionnaire with multiple answer styles (Dropdown, slider, multiple-choice, text, and rating scale). You can even mark questions as required.


Delivery and transportation fees

You can automatically calculate the delivery and transport fees based on the total price and pre-defined set of rules created in your Osmos account.


Custom items and services

Decide what items or services you will make available on the eQuote by selecting the categories to be displayed.


We provide a convenient way to integrate your Email, Gmail, Stripe, Xero, QuickBooks, Slack, and Gmaps to the Osmos’ CRM and quoting software.

Gmail Integration
Stripe integration
Mailchimp integration
QuickBooks integration
Xero integration
Slack integration


30-days’ free trial - No credit card required - No setup fees, No contracts – change your plan or cancel anytime according to your ease. Supported languages: English, Spanish, and French

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Ideal for startups and SMEs that send less than 50 quotes per month

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Included Users
Number of users
Additional Users
You can add and remove users any time. Will be billed separately
$20 USD
$20 USD
$20 USD
$20 USD
Number of items or services that can be added on your account.
Quotes per month
Number of quotes that can be sent each month.
Number of client records that can be created.
Number of lead records that can be created.
Quote Template Style
The level of customization in the quote's template.
eQuote Page
The level of customization of the equote.
Custom user roles
The user role and credentials customization.
Reports and Business Intelligence
More than 30 real-time reports available.
Adding email using IMAP and SMTP for domain names.
Stripe integration to receive payments with credit cards.
Integrate with quickbooks to send invoice information and keep record.
Collaborate and communicate with your team using Slack within Osmos.
Gmail integration.
Electonic invoicing integration for Mexico.
CRM Key Features
Lead Web form*
Create a lead form to capture information.
Multiple Opportunities
Create multipe opportunities during different lead stages.
Automated Lead Stages
Lead stages with automated disqualification and done deals.
Logs and to-do list
Log interactions with leads and create to-do's.
Create and send reminders to leads, clients and team members that can be addedd to your favorite calendar.
Email templates
Create email templates to be used on the CRM and quote module.
Client Rating
Rate clients and apply assessments.
Quote Key Features
Web quote*
Provide electronic quotes viewable on a web browser where clients can modify and adjust the quote themselves.
Quote Versions
Create different versions for same quote.
Item bundles
Group items together to create bundles when sending a quote.
Sub items
Create sub-items by adding the different versions of an item available.
Interactive buttons
Buttons located on the quotes where clients can click and interact with them to notify you about their purchase decision.
Quote notifications and audit trail
Notification about client interactions with quotes, payments and a log of quote activity.
Quote stages
Create quote stages to follow-up.
Automated availability
Get a notification if a service being quoted is not available for selected dates and times.
Create invoices from quotes with a click of a button.
Collect payment via credit card whens ending invoices.
Payment agreements
Register payment installments.
A. Receivales Key Features
Past-due payments follow-up
Get visually notified when a payment is past-due.
Payment installments
Create payment installments and keep track of all payments.
Payment Receipts
Create payment receipts and send them by email.
Phone payments
Collect payment over the phone.
Internal Orders Key Features
Order follow-up
Follow-up on order status.
Purchase order requests
Request PO based on inevntory.
Fulfill orders
Mark orders as fulfilled and delivered.
Requisitions Key Features
Expense control
Register expenses and convert them to PO.
PO requests
Create and send PO to suppliers.
Purchase Orders Key Features
Assign suppliers
Choose and assign a supplier from the list to fullfil PO.
PO document creation
Automated PO document creation with payment terms.
Assign payment terms
Assign and register payment terms to suppliers.
Flexible cost modification
Modify and adjust PO cost per item.
A. Payables Key Features
Payment notifications
Send payment notifications to suppliers.
Payment control to suppliers
Manage payments per supplier, record invoices received and review status.
Payment installments
Record payment installments for suppliers.
Inventory Management Key Features
Reception of goods
Record reception status of goods.
Re-order smart notification
Notify the team about reception of good automatically.
Chat support
A global support team available to help with any question.
Dedicated Business Coach
An assigned business coach will help you and your team get the most of Osmos.
Template conversion
Our internal designers will convert an existing template into a Osmos template.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a demo?

We can connect through a web-conference to show you around, or we can share one of our demo videos or create one for you. Just let us know what you prefer.

Do I need a credit card for my free trial?

No, simply sign up here for your 30-days free trial

Is there a contract?

There is no contract, with Osmos you pay-as-you-go (monthly or yearly). You can change your plan anytime, add or remove additional users and cancel with no questions asked.

How do I pay Osmos?

You pay via credit card; we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We accept payments via bank transfer, check or PayPal transfer ONLY for yearly subscriptions.

Is my data safe?

All your information is secured and encrypted with the latest SSL certificates. The data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers with redundancy. Your information and data is backed-up automatically daily.

What happens after my 30-days free trial?

After 30 days, your free trial will expire, and you will be switch automatically to the free plan. You can upgrade and select a different plan by entering your credit card information.

What happens after I close my account?

After you close your account all accesses to Osmos will be blocked and a 90 days countdown will be activated to wipe all the data and information from our servers automatically. This means you have 90 days to change your mind and re-activate by contacting us. Make sure to backup all your information before you decide to close the account.

Can I take my data with me?

Yes, you can download and export all tables that are available on the customer, lead, product catalog and reports section. You can as well download any PDF quotes.

Are you a Non-profit or early stage startup?

We are happy to support the non-profit and startup community by giving free accounts or plans none disclosed on the website. Get in touch with us to learn more about your needs

Do you have more questions?

We work hard to answer all your questions better. We created a FAQ section that you can browse for answers and a YouTube channel with tutorial videos. You can contact us by phone or by email