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If your job includes sending cold emails, then you are used to getting no or having no reply at all.

But you keep pushing your cold outreach, and you are right to do so. According to Forbes, email continues to be the channel with have the highest ROI.

However, marketers fail to get replies from their cold reaching attempt. This situation happens because they follow exhausted templates and tactics that don’t connect with their audience. Their efforts fail to convert. 

That doesn’t have to be your case. 

Here are nine tips you can use to boost your response rate while cold emailing your prospects.

1. Catch the recipient’s attention with a friendly subject line 

Most of the emails get filtered by the subject line alone. 

Whatever sounds like a robot or a sales message broadcasted to a mass audience goes to trash. 

That’s why you need to craft a subject line that connects with them. 

The best way is to take a friendly approach and dump the professional tone. Add elements that capture his interest, builds curiosity, or provide valuable information. 

2. Sound like a human

People are tired of all the spam marketing emails they constantly receive. Those emails use fancy words and templates that sound smart.

With a roll of eyes, that goes straight to trash. 

What tips peoples’ interest are emails that feel like a friend wrote. They are emails that feel like a conversation. 

So next time you write a cold email, strip down the professional jargon. Write as you talk and try to open a conversation with your recipient. 

3. Personalize the email

Personalizing your emails can double your response rate. 

To do so, you need to include in your email characteristics that show the recipient this email is written for them specifically.

You can incorporate things like name, location, industry, or the name of the company they work for.

4. Offer value first 

Before you sell to someone, you need to earn their recognition and trust. An effective way to do so is giving before you ask. A cold email that provides value to the recipient makes them trust you.

You can provide value by providing information, free consultation, or a demo. 

5. Don’t sell

If you are sending a cold email, your goal is to get a reply, not to close a sale. Your message should focus on building trust, which leads to response.

You may get tempted to mention your products, but that risks scaring your prospects away. People don’t buy from those they can’t trust.

The only thing you sell in that email is the benefits the recipient gets for replying to you. 

6. Introduce yourself upfront

Start your cold email by introducing yourself. Let the recipient know who is writing to him. Try showcasing your characteristics that intrigue his interest. This way, you will build connections with them. 

Remember, the goal of your introduction is to keep him reading the email. 

7. Tell the “why”

Don’t get too caught up writing for yourself. Your goal is to hook the recipient to continue reading the email. 

The next step is to tell her why you are emailing her. Your email needs to answer why she should listen. 

In this part, you share your purpose, how it links to her pain point, and why that matters. 

8. Keep it short and to the point

The best cold email is the one that values the recipient’s time. Don’t bombard the recipient with too much information. That will make them stop halfway through. 

Less is more is a cliche that fits perfectly for cold emailing. Keep your message short and concise. 

9. End with an engaging CTA

The goal of your cold email is to get a reply. That’s why you need to end your email with a CTA that requires the recipient to take action. 

When writing your CTA, tell your prospect what is the next step she has to do. Make it as easy as possible for her to reply. One of the best ways is to send the email with a question that prompts her to respond. 

Final thoughts

Cold emailing seems like a tiring tactic as you send hundreds of emails and get few replies. Yet, the market shows email is the most effective channel of attracting prospects. To use cold email to your advantage, you need to approach it like a human and provide value upfront.

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