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Do you know how to present a proposal that really sells? This is the true challenge of business when it comes to sending quotes to its customers. Beyond a quote or a price list, this document should contain useful information to make things clear between both parties and have a professional presentation that generates confidence. If your business has to deliver this type of documents to its customers, this article will be very useful. Keep reading and discover what specifications you should consider, as well as best practices.

Types of commercial budget

Before looking at what a proposal should include, it’s necessary to know what are the variations of this document, which in reality can be a lot if we consider the immense diversity of businesses that exist in the market.

For example, if you are in the field of construction or any other type of service company, you should probably make a quote with estimated costs of the work that your client requests, making it clear that these could vary according to some additional factors such as unforeseen events. If, on the other hand, your company is a manufacturer or distributor of products, it is best if you make a proforma for each client with a price list of the items they have requested to consult.

What makes this document so special and important for businesses? It’s not just any transaction: it’s the first commercial contact we make with our clients. That is why our greatest interest should be focused on the proposal meeting the following conditions:

  1. That its 100% customized according to the demands or interests of the client.
  2. That it contains all the basic information so that the client can make the purchase.
  3. That it’s specific with the details of the negotiation.
  4. That makes our business stand out from others through branding.

All of this will allow you to make a top-notch quote, earn the trust of your client and create a better impression on your potential customers, taking their interest to another level where they are willing to make a purchase. Now that you know these crucial aspects, we invite you to read our article about the basic information that your budget should include.

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