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If you have a small team and a tight budget, using spreadsheets to track your quotes and sales proposals is a logical decision. But as your business grows, so does your quoting spreadsheets. The spreadsheets become complex, time-consuming, and prone to mechanical errors.

If you find yourself amid the spreadsheet chaos while preparing a quote, an investment in quoting software will solve your problems. Quoting software automates your sales process by helping you create professional quotes quickly. It allows your team to focus more on growing the business and worry less about paperwork. 

Read on to learn four key advantages of using quoting software instead of spreadsheets. 

1. Spend less time designing the quotes

When you use a spreadsheet to create quotes, you need to prepare the quote from scratch each time you need to send one. You spend hours designing the document in the appropriate format and checking all the details. This process is time-consuming and often looks unprofessional.

With quoting software, you spend less time preparing quotes and more time interacting with clients. Quoting software comes with pre-built templates that allow you to create elegant, professional quotes within minutes. Besides, using quoting software eliminates monotonous formatting tasks. 

2. Reduce human errors

Because in spreadsheets, you add all information mechanically, it becomes vulnerable to human errors. 

The errors such as misaligned rows, misspelled text, pricing errors, inconsistent formatting jeopardize the relationship with your potential client. A quote that has mistakes will make you and your business look unprofessional. 

With quoting software, the design process is automated, reducing the risks of such typos. 

3. Configure pricing and pricing rules

You make a typo while changing the price in one cell and end up losing your revenues because of that. Quoting software eliminates such impactful errors. 

Thanks to the automation features of quoting software, you can set pricing rules, manage price lists and inventory. This way, you add items based on your configured rules and send quotes fast without the risk of sending them with any typo. 

4. Integrate quotes with CRM tools

One of the best features quoting software offers is the integration with CRM. Such integration allows you to send quotes much faster to your prospects. Integrating data from CRM and quoting software, you can generate detailed reports on sales, financial processes, and efficiency.

To recap:

Quoting software is a better solution than spreadsheets in designing and managing quotes for your business. 

Four key advantages of using quoting software are:

  1. Spend less time designing the quotes
  2. Reduce human errors
  3. Configure pricing and pricing rules
  4. Integrate quotes with CRM tools
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