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The details mentioned in the two previous articles “Basic quote information ” and “How to quote or proposal” are more than enough to prepare a quote that is well presented to help close the sale.

However, we want to go further, we want your business to present the most professional and attractive proposals. That you stand out from the competition. We invite you to pay attention to some other elements that could make a difference when making this document:

  • Images of the products or services you are presenting. Remember that love is born from sight.
  • That the client can interact with the quote using technology and can communicate simply to your business if they accept it, if they have comments or if they reject it.
  • That it can be signed electronically from a mobile device or computer with their finger or mouse.
  • That the budget can be viewed both on a computer’s browser as well as on a mobile device.
  • Provide links to videos of your products or services in the body of the email.
  • That the design is not just a grid like a spreadsheet, that they can see that your business takes care of presentation.

Knowing how to present a budget that really sells will bring great benefits to your SME, as it’s a great opportunity to make a good first impression.

A Software that will help you present professional and attractive proposals is Osmos Cloud, which will also help you to be able to better follow up with your customers.

And how does your SME sell quotes?

Osmos Cloud

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