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When you receive a request for quote, you basically get a golden opportunity to achieve new business. The perfect quote can help you close the deal quickly and build a customer base. Now the question here is: How to get your quotes styled right?

The times when simple hand-written text sales quotes and estimates did wonders to your lead conversion are long gone.  Now-a-days, the impression your quote leaves over a client matters way more than the services you’re promoting. A sales quote directly represents your brand identity and professionalism. If it appears to be unpleasant and not well-structured, your prospects will assume that your business runs the same way. Contrary to this, a good quote exhibits your attention to detail and the value of service you are pricing.

To create quotations that leave a mark, one must be committed to consider all the aspects of the art of quoting, from the quotation format, colors, language used, and of course the contents of the quote. A thorough and well-structured quote is comprehensive, meets your business’s trading and consumer obligations, and allows conversion of a considerable number of prospects to customers.

Visual content

Images are worth way more worth than words. Words are never sufficient to best promote your business, especially if it’s something new or uncommon for the market. You need to visualize your services by including reference images, videos and graphs that best reflect both the process and result. Images decode your text and attract customer’s attention to information.

Graphics are easier to comprehend and lead to quick decision making. It is easier to show a picture of a dumbbell than to describe one. Our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. According to a research, in 2 weeks’ time after a movie, people remember only 10-20% of the spoken or written lines next to 50% of the visual content.

Enhancing the quote quality with visual content not only helps you paint a clearer picture of what you will be working on, but also enables you to demonstrate all unique features of your product/service in a vivid fashion. Not many companies follow this practice at present, so you will definitely stand out from the crowd by doing so.

Design and format

While sharing business quotes and estimates, you need to ensure that they include all your company/product details, branding, pricing, and possess an eye-catching design. A professional layout helps you build trust with your customers. Haphazard quotes can never be promising with regards to sale closure and customer retention. The dynamics and structure of your sales quote must be at the top of your overall sales plan.

Your quotes must be constructed over a definite flow and should provide enough clarity of your offered services at the very first glance. You need to consider picking a font that depicts your brand identity and corporate style. Regardless of the nature of the quote, its appearance can actually make or break the deal. Therefore, quote format must form a major part of your company standards and protocols.


The psychology of color in business plays an important role in increasing your sales. Colors can leave a great influence on purchasing intent of customers. The way people distinguish and interpret things is often based on color. If your quote text, images and rest of the content is the right color scheme, then the chances of building customer interest in your product are more likely to increase.

Get tailor-made quotes with Osmos

To tackle the ever-growing market competition, your quoting process needs to be up-to-date. It takes unnecessary time-consumption of hours or even days to construct a quote from scratch. With the right tools at your disposal, you can instantly create tailor-made quotes. There are multiple quoting softwares that can help you save your valuable time, but Osmos Cloud outruns them all.

With Osmos, you can choose templates that best suit your business, and fully customize them according to your product details and demands of your prospects. Osmos allows you to select only the sections of your choice to be displayed, add your logo and business information, and relevant images to enhance your quotes. Everything is pre-built for you to design quote templates effortlessly. On top of that, Osmos comprises super-efficient invoicing mechanism and consists of a hybrid CRM integrated within. It also offers a plethora of amazing features, performance metrics and real-time reports to gauge your sales.

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