What is Quote Automation and How SMBs can Automate Quotes?

Quote automation
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Quote automation involves putting the processes related to generating, sending, and following up on quotes on autopilot. These processes can take a lot sales peoples’ time and makes it difficult for them to prioritize tasks. Quote automation solutions make their job easier, boosts productivity, and enables them to focus more on converting leads into sales.

Quotes and proposals are two different terms that refer to two different things. However, both these terms are often used interchangeably. Quotes are short documents providing price estimates with specifications, while proposals are long documents that dive deep into the details. It’s important to know the difference between them in order to choose the right software because not all quote management solutions cover proposals.

Quote automation

Why Automate Quotes?

Quotes being an integral part of nurturing leads can take a lot of time when businesses are dealing with a large number of prospects and have to create a quote for each prospect. Quote automation solutions take care of most of the time-consuming tasks and help streamline the entire process.

Quotes have to be tailored according to the unique requirements of the potential clients, but more customization also means more workload for salespeople. Automating quotes offers the sweet spot between customization and efficiency due to a number of reasons including:

  • Ready-made, customizable templates minimize repetitive tasks while being fairly unique
  • Instant generation of quotes in just a few clicks
  • Automatic notifications
  • Automated follow-ups and updates based on prospect response
  • Better targeting and grouping of prospects
  • Makes it easier to filter out clients who are worth pursuing
  • Significant reduction in time consumed in creating and sending quotes

How to Automate Quotes?

Quote automation tools, especially cloud-based solutions make it super easy for businesses to get started and start sending quotes in no time. Choosing the right solution mainly depends on business requirements, budget, and integration with other systems. But there are plenty of affordable quote management solutions that allow SMBs to streamline processes and boost productivity such as Osmos Cloud.

How Osmos Cloud Can Help SMBs Automat Quotes?

Being a cloud-based solution, Osmos Cloud is designed to keep the unique requirements of small and medium businesses in mind and is accessible from anywhere, using almost any device (including mobile devices). In addition to quote automation, Osmos Cloud extends the functionality by allowing businesses to directly convert quotes into invoices and then receiving payments through Stripe integration. Some key feature of the solution includes:

  • Up to 10X faster and 50% more quotes than conventional methods such as spreadsheets
  • Web-based, accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Easy-to-use and learn
  • No installation, configuration or maintenance required
  • Built-in easy-to-use and intuitive CRM for client and contact management
  • Ready-made, customizable templates, no designing skills needed
  • Direct conversion of quotes into invoices
  • Payment collection and tracking through integration with Stripe
  • Multi-channel quote requests including social media, SMS, contact form and email
  • Multiple item functionalities and item grouping
  • More than 30 real-time sales reports
  • Integration with other applications including Gmail, QuickBooks, MailChimp, and Slack
  • Daily backup on reliable AWS servers
  • No long-term contracts and binding agreements, https://www.osmoscloud.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/header-cover-1.jpgs can cancel anytime


Automating quotes can make a real impact on sales performance by allowing SMBs to save a lot of time and manual work hours. This allows them to focus more on business tasks that cannot be automated such as delighting customers and innovation. The difference in efficiency and productivity is what’s mainly going to drive businesses forward in the future. Automation will play a crucial role in this regard and SMBs should take it by the horns to increase revenues, acquire and retain customers, and stay ahead of the curve.







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