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Quoting is one of the most crucial components of the sales process. Quotes and proposals are the ones that make or break the deal. Yet, the process of drafting a quote or sales proposal requires a lot of time, energy, and resources. Preparing each quote manually leads to errors such as:

  • Misspelling and typos 
  • Missing information 
  • Inconsistent formatting 
  • Pricing errors

In today’s digitalized world, the best way is to automate the process with quoting software. In essence, quoting software helps you create professional quotes quickly, saving you costs and time in administrative tasks. Here are three key benefits of using quoting software.

1. Quoting software automates the sales process

Quoting software stores all the latest information on the company’s pricing and inventory. Such a feature allows the sales professionals to have access to real-time information on the sales process. Also, quoting software automates numerous administrative tasks. It automates quote templates, auto-fill, and follow-up, which allows the sales professionals to spend more time selling to prospects and clients.

Automation of time-consuming tasks makes quoting software reduce errors and costs while increasing sales and revenues. 

2. Quoting software can integrate with CRM

Quoting software pared with CRM becomes a pivotal tool converting your leads to clients. While CRM manages prospects’ and clients’ data, quoting software helps you deliver professional quotes to them. Integrating these two means you can send error-free quotes to your clients faster and close more deals. 

Moreover, by grouping the data collected by CRM and quoting software, you can generate reports such as sales pipelines, financial processes, and efficiency.

3. Quoting software streamlines quote-to-order process

With less time spent on administrative, time-consuming tasks, quoting software allows you to focus more on turning those quotes on orders. 

You meet with a client and agree to send a quote. Instead of writing a quoting proposal from scratch with spreadsheets, you can create a professional quote within minutes with quoting software. Some quoting software allows you to add different prices for different quantities, allowing the prospect to see the differences. This hallmark makes it easier for the client to make the decision. 

Also, quoting software automates the follow-up with prospects easier, turning them into clients faster. 

Key takeaways

In today’s fast-paced, digitalized world, automating your sales processes is essential. This translates into less time-consuming administrative tasks and more time on reaching prospects and turning them into clients. 

With tools like quoting software, you create professional, error-free quotes in a matter of minutes. Amongst numerous advantages quoting software has, three key benefits are:

  • Quoting software automates the sales process reducing time and cost on administrative tasks while increasing sales and revenues.
  •  Quoting software integrates with CRM helping you turn prospects into clients
  • Quoting software streamlines quote to orders process, helping you reach prospects and clients much faster
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