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CRM integration has proven to be a game-changer in improving customer experience. This software system possesses plenty of useful information about the customer, which gives a firm competitive edge over others. Most of the systems use the help of integration to scale the key aspects of the businesses. Integration of other tools has helped many companies to make tasks seamless across all departments. 

There are numerous tools out there that businesses can integrate into the CRM to improve critical functions. Business can integrate email, phone support and slack into their systems as well. It ensures increased optimization and ultimately, better.

What is CRM Integration? 

CRM integration refers to connecting the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) with third party applications.  The purpose the integration is to expand its usage and incorporate different functions. It relieves the businesses of switching back and forth between different software. 

Best CRM Integrations for Businesses 

Most of the businesses undermine the use of CRM and use of it for only improving customer relationship. But the usage of CRM expands well beyond that, especially with the help of third part integrations. Different integration and option may improve the overall communication within the businesses as well.

 Let’s take a look at different CRM integrations and see how they benefit different firms. 

Email Integration 

It is no secret that email marketing has one of the highest ROI compared to other methods across the world. This integration would significantly boost the efficiency and operations in the sales department. Email is one of the most useful tools which help in cold mailing, pitching sales and answering questions. 

With the email integration, the company will be able to reach out to hundreds of customers in a matter of seconds. They can send automated emails and even set up a marketing campaign. The integration allows the company to log on multiple accounts at a time and access multiple tools such as templates. 

Ultimately, a business can assign meetings, schedule interviews and even keep a track of sales. 

Calendar Integration

With the help of this tool, the businesses can sync their Google calendar into the CRM. This step ensures that a business is able to set up quick meetings on the go. Moreover, it can also help the businesses to instantly login, create invites and notices for meetings. It eliminates any incontinence and ensures a swift meeting schedule. 

Social Media 

Prospects always choose the businesses that they can trust and rely on. That is why social media has become essential for them during the past decade. With the integration of social media data into the CRM, companies can access all the insights without leaving the CRM dashboard. 

Moreover, the businesses can also reply to any query or respond to any review with the help of social media integration. It also helps them streamline the process of posting on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Calling Software 

No matter what type of business someone is running, calling is one of the essential factors to keep it running smoothly. The integration can be used host conference calls, whenever the business integrates the calling software into their businesses; they are able to see the call details including the contact information. Below are some notable calling software: 

  • Zoom

Zoom is one of the most popular video and audio calling platforms which is a popular choice among many businesses. The software enables the business to allow one-click meetings and set up a meeting schedule for the month. 

  • Uber Conference

Uber conference offers a compact system which allows businesses to schedule meetings directly from the CRM. 

  • Call rail

Call Rail is one of the call tracking systems that automates the collection of text messaging and call activity. 

Live Chat 

Live chat integration is one of the most popular integration in the CRM. This feature enables the business to ensure that the prospect is stays engaged and significantly reduce lost leads. 

E-commerce Integration

E-commerce integration can be integral for the sales department working on an online store. By integrating the shopping cart system to CRM, it can help the business understand more about the customers. One of the popular E-commerce platforms that businesses use is Shopify. 

Whenever businesses integrate Shopify with CRM, they benefit from features such as automatic syncing of the products, contacts and orders. It makes it easier for customers to pay without them going back and forth. Moreover, it also makes it easier receive quotes and add new contacts to the list. 

Internal Messaging

The usage of instant messaging has grown significantly over the years and has become an essential part of business communication. Implementing instant messaging throughout the departments can enhance the internal communication of a business. Experts also predict that instant messaging will be a key part of external outreach in the coming years. 

Account and Billing Integration

Businesses use accounting software separately most of time. Ultimately, it results in inefficiency and poor results since they are required to manually put in entries for all transactions. However, integrating the accounting software can help the business overcome this problem.

 With the automation in place, every transaction is recorded automatically. This way, businesses don’t have to through the tiring process of authenticating each transaction and focus on other integral aspects. 

Event Integration

This integration can prove to be vital for businesses that hold virtual events and seminars. The integrations help in knowing how the ticket sales impact the sales funnel implemented by the businesses. Moreover, it also provides insightful data about the participants along with retention tactics. 

Multimedia Integration

Multimedia marketing is on the rise these days. They use pictures and videos to create engaging content for the prospects and enjoy a healthy conversion rate. Apart from that, the integration can also help in providing detailed insights of customers, necessary for future marketing strategies. 

Final Thoughts 

CRM integrations are one of the ways businesses can improve their workflow and drive more revenue. They help the businesses get the best out of a CRM system.

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