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How more quotes bring more sales?

Sales is not about selling anymore; it’s about engaging your client, building trust-worthy relationships, and realizing what they actually want from you!

Most potential clients want you to throw out a number. But sometimes, optimization of a quote solely for sale purpose becomes a focal point and distracts you from apprehending your client’s actual demand.  Suppose a client is asking for a quote of your product or services. Their query gives you an idea of what they want, so you get tempted to share the most relevant quote and consider it a done deal, right? Unfortunately, things don’t work this way. If an opportunity isn’t effectively qualified, your sales rep will operate under the mistaken impression that the deal is theirs to win.

However, RFQ (Request for Quote) simply means that somebody is interested in what you’re offering. But you’re still unaware of few important things: Whether the requester is the decision-maker? How consistent is requester’s priority of purchase? Is your product quote in risk by competitors? How clear does the requester sound about his intent? These points are so easy to forget in the heat of a sales cycle but if you bring them into consideration, you’ll find yourself in need of sharing multiple quotes with target prospects.

Quotes can have a great impact on both competitiveness and profitability of the business. Sharing more quotes quick can benefit your sales in a lot of ways, few of them are:


Sending a quote to an interested client opens up a line of communication, which may lead to future business interactions whether the quote gets accepted or not. They say it’s not your customers’ job to remember you, it’s actually yours to leave an imprint on their mind, just so they would consider you first whenever they’re in need of a service/product.


Quotes categorized on the basis of multiple pricing plans are important. They help you maintain a balance between affordability for customers and your profit. Preparing different quotes for customers belonging to different markets is another way of generating effective sales leads. You may create Cost-plus, Competitive, Premium, Beachhead, etc. plans and share a number of quotes based on each to make clients well aware of all your services and boost your sales in no time. When multiple products or services are involved, it’s a good idea to be aware of how the prices complement each other. Some common examples of these businesses that need such quotes are Event Management companies, or SAAS platforms like delivery dispatch system etc.


More quotes not only allow you to educate clients about all you have to offer, but also enable you to assess what they might need from you in future. If your client is not happy or willing to pick a service for now, in-short if the quotes you share don’t click the client at the moment, you can revise your strategies to shoot for a win in upcoming days.


Quotes are crucial for a successful and ongoing business. Your business can get more than its fair share of channel sales by improving quote management and enhancing the frequency of quotes. Sending more quotes faster enhances your chances of closing the sale, especially when your competitors are taking days in doing the same. Most sales reps complain that they don’t have enough time to send more quotes. If they receive requests for 100 quotes they might be able to send out only 50 due to time restrictions. With quoting software like Osmos, you will be sending out quotes to all of them and that too in no time.

Get Real Time Quotes with Osmos Cloud

Most companies follow manual quote creation model where spreadsheets are gathered, documents are consulted, and reviews are made. This entire process is pretty hectic, error-prone and a huge time sink. But don’t fret, you can easily automate your quote generation process using Osmos.

Osmos empowers you to compose highly structured custom quotes in real-time, making your quoting process centralized. With osmos, you can create, deliver and track your quotes quickly, so your sales team has everything they need at fingertips.


You can bring promised value to your business by their extremely efficient and streamlined quote automation features. It’s expected to achieve 50% expansion in earning by increasing quote volume and speed through Osmos. For example, if you receive 100 RFQs (Requests for Quotes) and only get to send 50% of them because of time constraints, then you’re missing out 50% of the business. Osmos allows you to send 100% of the requested quotes, thus helping you achieve evident increased earning in no time.

Unlike conventional CPQ (Configure Price Quote) softwares, Osmos cloud includes an easy-to-use CRM integrated with-in and helps you dig deep into client management, dealing and profiling. When you have deep understanding of the client’s needs, you can share more quotes accordingly and close more sales.

Osmos provides you with a complete Q2C (Quote to Cash) cloud solution. The e-quote feature enables the client to easily select quotes of their choice on a single click, keeps a track of client’s history and helps swift prediction of their future demands.

Promote your product and stay ahead of the quote game by Osmos Cloud!



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