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Handling a stockpile of quote requests and organizing quotes that are sent to keep up with the clients can be a daunting task. If you have been arranging the quotes manually, then you might have missed a lot of prospects by following up after the ones who seem interested at first, but the deal wasn’t closed. In order to free yourself up from the nuisance of sorting out and organizing the quotes, different sales automation software is being used.

Whether you want to sync information of the prospects or want to know in which stage the sales process for a particular lead is, sales automation software can make the process handy. Are you ready to know about the best practices of organizing the sales quotes?

Best Practices to Organize the Quotes

It is crucial to streamline the quote-to-cash process to close deals quicker and boost revenue. Some of the traditional ways to sort the quotes are as follows:

  1. Spreadsheets like Excel, Google sheets, etc. can be used to organize the quotes manually, but the process can be unnerving and can take a lot of your time. Though you can use various filters to sort the quotes, still it can take hours to streamline the process.

  2. Another way to sort the quotes is by the use of CRM as these can also help in filtering the potential leads with who you can do the business.

  3. It is always a good idea to organize the quotes according to the activity stage or by dates to make the follow-up easier.

  4. Keep on updating the statuses each time the prospect step on to the next stage.

  5. Follow-up on cancellations, acceptance, or adding comments whenever a client communicates the desire to buy your product or hire your services.

How to automate the process of organizing the quotes?

Following up on quotes is the main deciding factor to the success of a deal. Today, there are numerous tools which are known as CRMs that can be used to follow-up on prospects and potential clients but aren’t practical for quotes tracking. A sales quote software like that of Osmos Cloud is a hybrid between sales management software and a CRM which can be served both these purposes.

The most useful features of Osmos Cloud

Organizing and sorting the quotes has been made easy with Osmos; here is how.

  1. You can add interactive buttons that the recipient can use to accept, reject, or add electric signatures so that you can organize the quotes accordingly.

  2. Filtering the quotes by quotation status, dates, and assigned sellers are the most exciting feature of this tool.

  3. Evaluating the performance of the quotes is also accessible through Osmos as it notifies you whenever any prospect accepts the offer.

  4. Depending upon the industry you are operating, it is always convenient to use electronic calendars with added reminders to organize the meetings and follow-ups efficiently.

Sales automation tools and quotes organizing tools like Osmos Cloud are used widely to automate the sales process and to sort the quotes. So, let us know which tools are you using and what are their drawbacks?

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