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Achieving effective communication with the consumer in the digital age isn’t easy. The strategies of direct or aggressive sales are losing strength and with so much information available, consumers have become true experts of the products they want to consume bringing with them a radical change in business’ sales strategy.

However, instead of seeing technology as a necessary evil, it’s time to take the bull by the horns and make technology our ally to increase our sales by taking advantage of all the assets and benefits it can provide our business.

What tools do you need to use?

For this, the first thing we should do is identify the tools we are going to use, it’s important to mention that it will not do you any good to have the most advanced software on the market if you can’t get the most out of it for your business. That is, technology alone doesn’t help if you can’t apply it in your organization. The key is to identify the tools that best suit your business.

Next, we will list the tools that we consider that due to their functionality will reflect a greater increase in your sales.

CRM, the key tool

CRM systems have evolved to such an extent that nowadays they have become a basic tool for any sales representative, facilitating interactions and improving productivity when selling. When it’s being used to its fullest extent, the team will be more productive and the organization will have a more predictable sales forecast.

It’s important to understand that once a new client is won, quality support service must be guaranteed. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while selling to a new customer is 5 to 20%. This is the first point of how technology supports the whole process and how CRM can boost sales.

Software to create quotes

Quotes are your introduction letters to your clients and in general it’s usually the first impression that the client will have in relation to your company, in which you not only communicate the cost of your services or products, but it is also likely that whoever contacts you is in search of the best option, hence it‘s necessary to make a difference with from competition and project an image of confidence and professionalism with an impact quote, since this can make all the difference between selling or not selling.

Business management

Calculate the time you spend every time you need to make a quote, calculate the taxes you have to apply, send it to your client, wait for it to be accepted and multiply it by the number of quotes you make per year (Many I hope). Also, calculate the time you needed the last time a customer asked you urgently for an invoice from last year, or the time you had to spend the last time you wanted to list the expenses of the last six months to see where your money was going and eliminate small and regular spending. Add all that time. Multiply it by the price of your work hour. That is the time and money that you waste every year in managing your business. Do you realize the size of the problem?

By using these tools, we’re sure that you will increase your productivity and above all, your sales.

I recommend you take a look at OsmosCloud, an automation and sales management tool, that has CRM for managing your customers and that also allows you to make electronic invoices and professional quotes from the same software in the cloud. In the blink of an eye.

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