Quoting Through Excel: What makes it unfit for your business?

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A quote is a legal binding agreement between you and your client. It’s a matter of prime importance for you to get your quoting process streamlined. There are multiple ways and programs to manage quote generation for your business transactions. Most business professionals are more inclined to the use of Excel or traditional accounting softwares for creating sales quotes/estimates, At first glance, using Excel sounds like a swift way to create a quote. As you get further along in the quote generation, you quickly discover how inefficient and error prone the process is.

Manual Data Entry

Creating quotes through excel requires a lot of manual data entry, which automatically increases the chances of mistakes. The error identification process in Excel is quite difficult as well and in most cases, you get bound to compromise over the inaccuracy. Same goes with most accounting systems that also require some manual input of data, and still are unable to save you from the risk of sharing incorrect/faulty information.

Dealing with Multiple Spreadsheets

Excel is not https://www.osmoscloud.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/header-cover-1.jpg-friendly and runs extremely slow when you’re handling large sets of data, especially if the entire data is mounted over a single file. It’s not wise to split your data sets into smaller fragments and keep multiple sheets either, because it increases the chances for them to get lost or misplaced. Even if you get to escape through the initial cons of multiple sheets, you may face extreme levels of difficulty in data consolidation. Compiling data received from multiple reps and summarizing everything itself is a time consuming task. Moreover you need to be extra vigilant to ensure that the final version you create is presentable, easy to apprehend and fully maintains the integrity of the data.

System Compatibility Issues

The inability of excel to get integrated with systems makes it difficult for the https://www.osmoscloud.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/header-cover-1.jpgs to gauge their quoting efficiency and maintain a nice record. Different members of the team find it hard to keep track of similar files going back and forth, and sometimes end up forwarding outdated quote versions. On top of that, excel files can’t allow your sale managers to have quick and consistent visibility of the current productivity level offered by their sales reps, making your reporting inefficient and hollow.

Data Insecurity

Excel values and formulas are easy to alter. The lack of rights control makes excel sheets vulnerable to maleficent activities, leaving most of them undetected at the end and may cause extreme unbearable loss to your business.

Time Consumption

Maintaining quotes with excel and keeping e-mail correspondence with clients without any software leads to an unnecessary waste of time and might cause duplication of shared data. In short, the entire process is extremely slow and not so cost-effective at all.

Inability to empower deft models

Excel sheets enable the https://www.osmoscloud.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/header-cover-1.jpg to build highly personalized spreadsheets, which in most cases are not easy to apprehend for others. If https://www.osmoscloud.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/header-cover-1.jpg has to work over pre-existing data created by someone else, he might get failed due to the lack of expert level knowledge and may have to start his own working from scratch.

How quoting softwares take the lead?

Quoting through excel is not completely flawed but the modern, accurate and more efficient way is to opt an efficient price quote software instead of the old fashioned methods that are so susceptible to error, manipulation and corruption.

Quoting softwares help you create and share quotes in no time, and also help you keep a track of every single piece of information stored and transmitted from there. They can also increase your sales team’s productivity, impress your clients, and ultimately help you win new business. You can easily rely over the highly efficient reporting feature of Osmos Cloud – a software that can fulfill all your needs with regards to your dream quoting process. Osmos increases your business revenue by helping you send 50% more quotes, 10X faster than any of the traditional quoting methods. It helps you spend more time on your clients, and less time on manual data maintenance. Its web-based feature automates the follow-up, and makes it easier for sales reps to close more deals in less time. Don’t believe? Click here and try it out yourself.

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